oh no not again

Oh No Not Again!

What’s happened – you might be thinking? Actually it’s not so bad. I have been asked to speak – again – for the 7th time in 6 weeks. Which is actually brilliant – because I love that interaction with a live audience. I have been speaking / will be speaking at a conference for dentists, a chamber of commerce event, my own events, a multi speaker event for tradespeople in Heathrow on January 26th, and at a women in business conference – to name just some of them. I am not telling you that to brag. I’m telling you because it made me think – about how important it is to speak up for your business.

We all think we know what other people do for a living, but actually every business is unique and we mostly never know about that because we don’t have the chance to hear what most people have to say about their businesses.

But it is SO important to be able to speak up for your business. And most people have a morbid fear of public speaking that stops them ever volunteering to speak at any kind of event. A lot of people WANT to be able to do it, but they just lack the confidence – or they think no-one will be interested – or they don’t know how to structure the talk and what content to give or at what level to chunk the information (more about chunking in another blog).

And just this week I was at a network event where a colleague collared me and said “Julie, When are you running that Presentation Skills Workshop again?”. So I decided to stop procrastinating and put a date in the diary for my workshop

“Speak Up For Your Business – Present with Power and Inspire your Audience”

You can find out about the event here – go on I dare you. Step Up and Speak Up for YOUR Business.

PS – to find out more about the event for trades people click here and read about all 4 speakers

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