Am I The Only One?


A client asked me this question last week – ‘Am I the Only One?’

What she was referring to was the fact she has all this expertise in her head, but couldn’t work out how to leverage that information, she just didn’t have the time to think about what she should be doing, let alone actually do it.

It’s a problem that many – if not most – business owners and managers have and it’s why many organisations struggle to improve their position in the market.

What do I mean by that?

Let me explain by illustration. Can you think about the best manager you ever had? What made them great?

You may well be thinking – well they were inspirational; they motivated me; they just ‘had a way’ with people; they made me feel valued; they were a lot of fun; they really understood how to get the best out of their team. Something along those lines?

Well – of course all those things are important – but here’s the thing. There was a reason they were a great manager and it had to do with what they knew and what they did. So perhaps they were an expert in their field (inspirational managers tend to know a lot about their subject area). Maybe they knew exactly how to motivate an individual or a team. Maybe they did things in a certain way that seemed to work.

And then they left – or moved on and it all went to pot, or just wasn’t the same, wasn’t quite as good. And the reason for that is – that most managers don’t’ create the space they need to get what they know out of their heads and into a system that can be replicated and duplicated and built upon.

You see, the very best managers and leaders are able to create systems that they can teach to others, so their knowledge and expertise is not lost to the organisation when they are no longer there. If it is your business then it is even more crucial. Until you have replicable systems that make use of all the expertise in your head, then you have nothing. You cannot grow your business confident in the knowledge that you don’t need to be there, doing every little thing, for the business to work. In fact, you just have a job with the worst boss in the world (that would be YOU).

So in answer to the question – “Am I the Only One”, I answered – ‘ No, far from it’. If that applies to you too, don’t beat yourself up about it – but do take action. The longer stuff is in your head and not in a system, the less time you have and more stressed you feel.

Slow down. Create the space to create. If you need some help with that give me a call – or come along to our workshop on the 14th October where you can work ON rather than IN your business

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