Are YOU Ebenezer?

Are YOU Ebenezer?

Do you make your employees feel like Bob Cratchit?

And if so – are you him before or after the visits from the Christmas ghosts?

As leaders, we are very often unaware of the impact we have on others. Ebenezer Scrooge was so caught up in his own priorities that he did not give himself the time (until the visits from the Christmas ghosts) to understand the IMPACT he had on others.

For 90% of the book, The Christmas Carol, Bob Cratchit felt abused, underpaid and under-appreciated. In that book, there was however, a happy ending.

Maybe you know someone like Scrooge as a young man. Here he was dedicated to his career and very good at it, but rather like a client of mine said the other day in reference to his dentist – he liked teeth more than he liked people. The ghost of Christmas past showed Scrooge where it all started going wrong. Are you so tied up in being good at what you do, you sometimes forget about the impact on your people?

Perhaps you are like Scrooge as he was on that Christmas Eve – you think you have a business but actually you just have a job, and maybe you feel you have the worst boss in the world ….YOURSELF?

Scrooge felt he had to do everything himself – either because no-one else would do it as well as him, or because he did not see the value in paying someone else to do some of the work, in fact he barely paid Bob (this was clearly in the days before minimum wage!). The ghost of Christmas present showed him that having a business should have given him the option of TIME. Time to spend with his nephew and their family. Time to look after his employees.

Maybe you are looking to be Scrooge of the new Christmas Future. Not the future where he ends up dying alone with no-one to care about him. The one where he is now living the life he always should have been living. The life where you move from being the technician in your business to the Entrepreneurial Leader. Because whatever your trade – I am guessing you are a technical expert in your field – whether that be IT, the law, health professional like the dentist or accountancy like Scrooge.

Is it time for you to move from Technical Expert to Entrepreneur and Leader? Time to really drive the business forward?

If it is, then look out for my 12 Leadership Tips coming next week that will take you through to the New Year with some new perspectives on making 2016 your Best Year Yet, as a leader and entrepreneur in your business.
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