Quiet Leader
Are You Part of the 69% ? No – it’s not an April Fool, it’s a genuine question.  Let me explain. Have you ever done a D.i.S.C. profile, or heard of it? It’s a personality profiling tool, which is useful in recruitment or development processes.  Most people consider that ‘natural leaders’ are a high D or I profile, or both.  Let me briefly overview for you what the 4 ‘types’ are. D = Dominance A
High Performing Teams are created by 9 key actions. If there was ever a time you need your team to be performing at their best, it is now.  Coming out of the Pandemic (hopefully) many businesses need to be ‘hitting the ground running’ and ‘making up for lost time’ (among other idioms and metaphors). That’s why I did a half an hour webinar on this subject today.  The subject of getting your team to perform
Turn that Yes into a No

I Just Can’t Say No!

I Just Can’t Say No! I was listening to the radio today and the presenter played a snapshot of Seth Godin’s comment on ‘saying no’.  It totally stopped me in my tracks! He said that when you don’t say NO, but you should, then you are acting as a “cost-free unprioritised contribution to other people’s work.”  OMG!!!  He is so right! So many people I work with are suffering from one of the following because
Learn to say no
What is THE Most Important Leadership Skill? I was asked this question the other day by one of my clients on the Leaders Launchpad program (coaching and training for quiet leaders).  And it’s a really good question.  You see, there are a number of critical skills for a leader to have to be successful in their role.  And all of them are important, but there is one that is arguably the most important.  Certainly, without
How To Have A High Performing Team - it's not magic!
How To Have A High Performing Team – Step One I don’t know if you are currently a leader – in your own business or someone else’s, or whether you are hoping to step into that position in 2021.  Either way, one of the key things that is going to make you stand out from the crowd, and at the same time have a happier and more successful working life as a manager / leader,
Lead like a Lion
Talk Like a Leader – Think Like a Leader Which comes first the chicken or the egg?  In terms of the age-old context of evolution, I’m not sure anyone can say for sure.  But in terms of leadership – the answer is sometimes the chicken and sometimes the egg.  What do I mean by that? Well – in the context of thinking like a leader and talking (or behaving) like a leader – there is
Covid Virus
How has your 2020 gone?  I know – it’s probably not the year you (or anyone) had planned.  Who knew that we would face the situation we have, with a global pandemic and the on again off again tier levels and associated restrictions.  In the early days of March and April, the world was almost on hold, holding its breath to see what was going to happen.  But very soon after that, businesses realised that
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – Delegation’s What You Need! I was speaking to a group yesterday – and what one of the group came up with was this question.  ‘If I am a precisionist, why do I find delegation so hard to do?’ Well, it’s obvious really. But before we get to that – let’s look at the 5 main reasons quiet leaders don’t delegate. Fear that something will go
Diffeering Opinions - or 'conflict' -can be great for business
Why Conflict is Your Friend – or How To Stop Hating Your Team. Do you ever find yourself incredibly annoyed or at least irritated by the characteristics of your colleagues?  You know those things that start off as little things but because no-one talks about them, they grow in importance until someone somewhere starts shouting and blaming and losing the plot.  You see – we are not very good at conflict.  No-one teaches us how
Love Puzzle
This week I thought I would share with you an interview I did this week with the lovely Ellen Dorian.  As you know, I talk about quiet leaders and their relationships at work.  Ellen is all about the personal relationships that help leaders to also build their companies.  Ellen specialises in helping executives who are passionate about their jobs, businesses and careers, to get things in balance and stop neglecting their relationships. This is so