Handling A Narcissist at Work
Handling A Narcissist at Work At some point in your working life, you will work with a narcissist.  You might be managing them, they might be managing you or it may be a colleague at your level, but there will be a day when you realise you are working with a narcissist.  It might even be you.  No seriously, I’m not accusing you of anything.  You see, here’s the thing.  Most people exhibit narcissistic traits
female programmer with glasses
I was talking recently on LinkedIn Live – about why being good at what you do can be a big issue.  So maybe you are in IT, or engineering, or you are a vet like someone I was speaking to today.  And you have AMAZING skills.  You possibly went to University, or trained on the job so that you are an expert in your skillset.  And that all works well whilst you are doing the
Boring meetings
The Reasons Why Most Meetings Are A Waste Of Time! How do meetings impact your business?  The reason I was talking about this today on LinkedIn Live, was because I was talking to a partner in a vet practice.  He was bemoaning the fact that the team have all these great ideas, and talk about stuff they say they are going to do, but ultimately none of it actually gets done. The discussion turned to
The Rythym of Business
And The Rhythm Of Life Is a Powerful Beat… I’ve always loved that Sammy Davis Jr song.  The rhythm of life.  It is powerful isn’t it when you get in a rhythm? For me being in a rhythm means life is easier.  Things happen when they are supposed to.  And they happen how they are supposed to.  Life can move forward in a purposeful direction. Rythym in Business? The same can be said about business. 
Frogs Taking Time Out to relax
How To Take More Time Off As A Business Owner Something I keep coming across with my new clients is the common theme of – never being able to take a holiday or even a day off.  They fear that if they are not there everything will fall apart.  And worryingly – sometimes it does. Why does this happen? Generally, it is because the people involved are either not confident, or not motivated to execute
Imposter Syndrome
Who Do You Think You Are….to own a business? You’re the Owner and/or Managing Director of your business. It could be any business – but let’s say it’s an IT business.  You have been running the business for a couple of years, maybe more than a couple. You started this business because you loved what you did working for someone else in the IT support or IT development business.  But maybe you didn’t love the
Lots of clocks representing being too busy
Are You Too Busy – For Your Own Good? I had a bit of a rant this week about the irony of a situation that happened.  I organised a webinar aimed at business owners who are doing too much, working too hard and have too much to do.  The reason they generally have too much to do, is that they still have a worked mindset. What do I mean by that?  Well, let me give
Quiet Leader
Are You Part of the 69% ? No – it’s not an April Fool, it’s a genuine question.  Let me explain. Have you ever done a D.i.S.C. profile, or heard of it? It’s a personality profiling tool, which is useful in recruitment or development processes.  Most people consider that ‘natural leaders’ are a high D or I profile, or both.  Let me briefly overview for you what the 4 ‘types’ are. D = Dominance A
High Performing Teams are created by 9 key actions. If there was ever a time you need your team to be performing at their best, it is now.  Coming out of the Pandemic (hopefully) many businesses need to be ‘hitting the ground running’ and ‘making up for lost time’ (among other idioms and metaphors). That’s why I did a half an hour webinar on this subject today.  The subject of getting your team to perform
Turn that Yes into a No

I Just Can’t Say No!

I Just Can’t Say No! I was listening to the radio today and the presenter played a snapshot of Seth Godin’s comment on ‘saying no’.  It totally stopped me in my tracks! He said that when you don’t say NO, but you should, then you are acting as a “cost-free unprioritised contribution to other people’s work.”  OMG!!!  He is so right! So many people I work with are suffering from one of the following because