Where Has The Week Gone?

Oh my – someone just reminded me it was Thursday and I immediately thought – where has the week gone?  It’s because of the Bank Holiday of course – in my head it felt like Wednesday!  (and we have another on the 27th lol) But sometimes it is not because of a Bank Holiday. I come across many managers in business and business owners themselves, who feel like this most weeks.  Is that you?  Out

About Last Night…

Last night we spent an amazing 90 minutes working with a group of leaders who were there to grow their impact, get more out of their teams and to get more time for themselves.  Maybe you weren’t there to see it……  One of the themes that was coming over was that everyone works long hours, although some enjoy it more than others.  And this got me thinking about how we need to stop and take
What Do Policemen and Museums Have in Common?  This week I have been delivering 2 days of leadership training to a fabulous group of firearms police officers and 2 leadership sessions to a group of conservators (some of the people who work in Museums). On the outside they couldn’t seem more different as a bunch of people.  One the one hand you have calm and reserved and on the other – direct and outspoken.  Yet the
One thing I constantly hear when consulting with business owners and business leaders, is that they are having problems with their staff.  The job would be so much easier if they had the right staff, or their staff weren’t so lazy/unreliable/poor st time keeping.  Things would be better if only they could think for themselves / take responsibility / step up to the mark. Sometimes it seems like when you thought you were making life

The Dreaded D Word

In the office today we were having a debate about what really is the number one issue for leaders. I popped a question on a LinkedIn post to get some answers and it has over a 1000 views already – I reckon there is an issue!. And surprise, surprise the biggest issue coming up so far is… DELEGATION (or rather the lack of it, and being too busy because of it). Why is this an issue? Well, most
Or worse still, out of love with your business? As the boss, sometimes it can be hard to feel the love for the people who work for us. Why? Because, amongst other things:- They cost us money The don’t always do what we want them to do They leave – and cost even more money to replace We often end up having to do it ourselves anyway and wonder why we bothered hiring them in the
It's Actually Simpler Than You Think
I meet a lot of leaders in my line of work (leadership training lol). And many of them either had no plans to become a leader – it just kind of took them unawares. OR, they had a plan – it IS what they wanted. But when the opportunity came their way they were unprepared.  One lady I was speaking to a couple of weeks ago said that they chance had come up at work to go for
How To Work With People You Hate
Have you ever had to spend endless days with someone that you just cannot stand? Forced to be polite to that nasty piece of work from accounts or that annoying bloke from admin who always disagrees and makes everything a problem? Knowing that you have no choice but to work with them even though you would avoid them in ‘real life’? You may think I am being extreme, but in my time as a leadership and team
This morning I was sitting in my office, contemplating my next move. I have a pretty big list of things that I need to do and some of them can be a bit overwhelming, if I am honest. My office is OK. It has a window looking out onto my lovely garden, it’s warm and cosy.  The dog is by my feet. But here’s the thing, after a few days working in the same place I sometimes
When you were a kid, do you remember playing tag, hot potato, It, Bulldog etc in the playground? Great fun I reckon, and they should have more of it in schools now.   But I can also remember a bunch of other playground games that weren’t quite so much fun like bullying, cliques and lots of leaving people out to make them feel bad (I definitely got a bit of that).  The funny thing is this: When