Quiet Leadership?

“Quiet” might not be the word you would associate with a successful leader. The business world has a tonne of stories about big brash leaders – LOUD leaders – from Elon Musk to Donald Trump, running companies with an iron fist.  These leaders get results through fear in most cases.  Or at the least through having such strict structures in place that people don’t have to use their own initiative at all.  They also have

Harsh But Fair?

Harsh But Fair? With this skill, you will be able to positively affect your team’s performance and also their morale.  You will be able to speed up their development in their role or encourage them towards the next role.  Your company, turnover, and profits will all grow, and you will be able to sleep at night knowing that your company functions well, you have competent people and you don’t need to be there every second
Too much of a good thing
Well, here I am in Tunisia, and I’m not sure where the time has gone or whether I am more happy to be going home, or more sad to be leaving.  And it made me ask the question – how much is ‘too much’ of a good thing.  I don’t know about you, but 7 days never seem long enough, and sometimes 14 days seems too much.  On the other hand, I remember a friend
bottleneck in your business
Bottleneck to Boss.  Why are you holding your business back? Are you looking to grow your business?  If the answer to that is ‘yes’ but it isn’t happening, then the next question is – ‘are YOU holding your business back?’ What often happens in small businesses is that the owner naturally does everything – at first.  There is only you right?  Or maybe you start as a partnership, so there are 2 of you –
Happy kids
How to Win The Three Legged Race in Business The Three-Legged race – it’s that time of year isn’t it?  Have you been at a school sports day recently?  Or do you remember your own sports days? Well, I was at my kids sports day today, and it was good to see all the ‘old’ stuff still exists.  There is still the ‘Egg and Spoon’ race, Tug of War and of course, the good old
Have you got a ‘catastrophe’ friend?  Or work colleague?  You know the sort – everything is always a drama.  Nothing goes smoothly for them and they always have a story to tell about the latest major trauma! I get it, really.  Sometimes life can throw you a curve ball that you weren’t expecting, and as human beings we are pre-programmed to resist curve balls.  Our brains job is to keep us safe.  And therefore it
Resilience – Am I Just Being Mean? Yesterday, I was delivering a module of my Leaders Launchpad to a fabulous group of leaders and the subject of resilience came up. It was pretty opportune for me, as it is half term and I have been working from home, feeling under pressure to get things done. That day I had 3 hrs of training to deliver, a number of potential client calls, amongst that juggling trying
Listen to me
Yes Finally – I am Coming Out! I have been avoiding this – but why?  It started the other day when a good friend of mine – Nikki – saw a post I put up on LinkedIn and text me to say she had been wondering what had been happening to me.  As soon as I read her text I knew that other people would have been feeling the same way.  You see I have
When it comes to being a new manager or leader, and especially in a very technical environment, one of the most common things I am asked to help with is people who suffer with Imposter Syndrome. This week I had a few responses to a post I put out about making an impact in your business. Two of the responses were something that about half my clients could have written – though I am sure

Where Has The Week Gone?

Oh my – someone just reminded me it was Thursday and I immediately thought – where has the week gone?  It’s because of the Bank Holiday of course – in my head it felt like Wednesday!  (and we have another on the 27th lol) But sometimes it is not because of a Bank Holiday. I come across many managers in business and business owners themselves, who feel like this most weeks.  Is that you?  Out