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Just as I am talking (or writing) to you now, we are constantly communicating every day. Of course, some people more than others! But the importance of communication, in business as in life – be it a friendly catch-up over coffee, or an important meeting with a big client – cannot be overlooked! Yes, I know this seems like common sense, but that is probably why it isn’t really looked at when it comes to

Are You an Ostrich?

I meant that metaphorically of course – I know you are not an ostrich. They can’t read!  Let me be more specific.  There is a tendency – when facing something we don’t want to deal with – to figuratively stick our head in the ground, like an ostrich and not deal with whatever that is.  Last week this was a subject that came up a lot in one of my coaching groups.  This group of
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I love cake. I mean, I reaaaally love it! But say I am given a cake that serves twelve and I try to eat it all myself, I’m going to feel pretty sick. That’s not to say I don’t love cake anymore, but too much will leave anyone wiped out, lethargic, or just ill! You know that, just by sharing a few slices, you could have avoided feeling totally rubbish but you really wanted it
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Have you ever sat there, at a family Christmas, birthday, or some other gathering, where everyone’s chatting, getting along, and then that one uncle commandeers the floor?   We all know what happens next – some questionable monologue with the apparent pretense of being comedic or something that just turns into an outdated (often mildly offensive), irrelevant or just downright dull diatribe, to a backing track of familiar familial groans.   As he ignores these and continues on with his disasterclass of audience retention, you
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Are you the bottleneck in your own business?  I was talking to a client earlier this week.  He was talking about how he needed training for his team, as he felt they were unmotivated and didn’t try very hard and weren’t doing what they should be doing. But here’s the thing.  Behaviour breeds behaviour.  So if your team is not performing the first thing we need to look at as leaders, is ourselves.  Often we
Different strokes for different folks (coloured paintbrushes)
Everyone has their own style. How we choose to dress is a conscious decision, whether we go for fitting or oversized, for the bright patterns or the muted tones. Our fashion choices are exactly that – ours. And work is no different. . and it’s important that we understand this. Comfort Simply put, if we are comfortable, we are more likely to be happy and, in business, more successful. So, it is important to put
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More or less, everyone has a favourite band, a group of people who just come together and make music that instantly makes you happy. As kids we often idolise that group, but more often we love that lead singer (or is that just me? 😉). Many of us look to the lead vocalist as the leader, but the reality is, that they would be nothing or a lot less, without the rest of the band.
Handling A Narcissist at Work
Handling A Narcissist at Work At some point in your working life, you will work with a narcissist.  You might be managing them, they might be managing you or it may be a colleague at your level, but there will be a day when you realise you are working with a narcissist.  It might even be you.  No seriously, I’m not accusing you of anything.  You see, here’s the thing.  Most people exhibit narcissistic traits
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I was talking recently on LinkedIn Live – about why being good at what you do can be a big issue.  So maybe you are in IT, or engineering, or you are a vet like someone I was speaking to today.  And you have AMAZING skills.  You possibly went to University, or trained on the job so that you are an expert in your skillset.  And that all works well whilst you are doing the
Boring meetings
The Reasons Why Most Meetings Are A Waste Of Time! How do meetings impact your business?  The reason I was talking about this today on LinkedIn Live, was because I was talking to a partner in a vet practice.  He was bemoaning the fact that the team have all these great ideas, and talk about stuff they say they are going to do, but ultimately none of it actually gets done. The discussion turned to