I’m Too Busy!

Have you found yourself saying ‘I’m Too Busy’ recently.  I mean it happens to everyone right?  There genuinely are times where you have too much to do and find yourself suddenly realising it is 4.30pm and you haven’t stopped for lunch, or it’s 9pm and you can’t finish for another few hours yet. However,  I do believe that often ‘too busy’ is a myth we create in our own minds.  It is all about priorities,
How are you as a leader? Have you thought about the way you lead people lately? What leadership style are you using? Do you even know what the last question meant? A boss and a leader differ in the way they handle people in all sorts of ways and it is really important to “sense check” from time to time if you acting as a ‘boss’ or whether you are leading your team. What do
Have you ever wondered what workplace mediation is all about?  And why it is needed? Well we are often asked to intervene when the going gets tough, because you see, leadership is not all about leading when things are good.  Anyone can lead a winning team, the real skill comes in leading when the going gets tough. Perhaps you have experienced someone in a team you have been in or managed – making life difficult? 
Have you ever trusted someone on your team to do something only to find they didn’t do it?  Or they did something completely different than you thought you had asked them to do? Why does that happen. Perhaps they are just incompetent?   Or deaf? More than likely ………not. It is probably down to the way they are being managed.  Sorry.  Yes – that’s your fault!  Now clearly there are some people who just are not
  You may have heard of the Darwin Awards?  Well, we here at Transforming Performance have heard of so many completely stupid and self defeating examples of poor management – that are almost guaranteed to cause the death of your career, or even your company – that we decided to create our own Darwin Awards for Poor Management.   Names shall remain secret to protect the guilty parties. 1. The ‘Foot in Mouth’ Award goes to
Today I spoke to a business owner who had taken a really interesting tack on building his business.  Let’s call him Victor. However, what he doesn’t know is that he just made the worst decision he could ever have made for the future of his business. He forgot that his people are his best resource.  He forgot that a leader needs his people to care about his business almost as much as he does. But
Are you fed up with your team being absent from work? Do you sometimes feel like the only mug who doesn’t take any time off? Latest surveys show that the average worker in the UK has 6.9 days off per year (3%) – which is an increase on 2014 at 6.6 days.  More stress related illnesses are being reported and the last year showed an increase in ‘presentee-ism’ in workplaces where a long hours culture
Is Training worth it
Training is a funny thing isn’t it? Everybody wants training, but as a manager you may sometimes wonder if it is actually worth it? I mean, you can train people up but that doesn’t mean that they are going to stay with you, and for that reason, training is often the first thing to go out of a budget and the last thing to come back. You see, often people only look at the ‘cost’

How to Detox a Toxic Team?

  I am sure you have heard of detoxing – you may have even done a detox day or a detox diet.  It can be a good way of refreshing your body and your mind and getting rid of all the unwanted toxins that may be hampering your performance. But have you ever considered that your team might need a detox?   Some teams are absolutely toxic and just as toxins hamper the body from performing
Isn’t it frustrating when you have a superstar performer – someone you can see as a future leader of your team or your business, and then you come into work one day to find they have resigned.  Of course, you can try and persuade them to stay, perhaps by offering more money.   That might even work……short term. However, something has broken.  Trust.   You no longer trust them, and they end up leaving anyway 6 months