knee bone
Do you remember that old song… “The Knee Bone’s Connected To The Thigh Bone”? Well the relevance of that will become apparent in a minute – bear with me. We talked last week about the need for leaders to leverage, to delegate, to be free from the day to day, and what happens to teams when the leader does not do the above. But what if it all goes wrong? What if you leave it
Do you find that your staff are constantly coming to you with questions that you KNOW they are capable of deciding about themselves? Are you positive you have already answered most of their questions on more than one occasion? Do you sometimes wonder why they just can’t get on with it without bothering you over minutiae? Well – it’s could be your fault. You may have inadvertently set them up to fail at decision making.
oh no not again

Oh No Not Again!

What’s happened – you might be thinking? Actually it’s not so bad. I have been asked to speak – again – for the 7th time in 6 weeks. Which is actually brilliant – because I love that interaction with a live audience. I have been speaking / will be speaking at a conference for dentists, a chamber of commerce event, my own events, a multi speaker event for tradespeople in Heathrow on January 26th, and
Read, Write, Speak, Lead

Read, Write, Speak, Lead

Read, Write, Speak, Lead  Do you read a lot? If not, here’s a good reason to start. Most great leaders are readers. It has been said that those who don’t read much, often don’t write well or have the ability to speak well either. These people often lack the communication skills that are essential to leadership and also don’t come over as knowledgeable and therefore lack the presence of a leader. The ability to communicate
It's all lies

It’s All Lies

It’s all lies – actually it’s a Myth – the E-Myth I don’t know if you, like me, love to read and rarely find the time? Well over Christmas I had the joy to pick up again (for maybe the millionth time), that brilliant book that all small business owners, or people considering opening their own business, should have as required reading – The E-Myth by Michael Gerber. If you have never read it –
Best YearEver
Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Turning Into Hurdles? How To Become an Olympian and Lead Yourself to Your Best Year Ever! Happy New Year! Wow – here we are already in our second week of 2016 and right back to business as if the Christmas period never even happened. I wish you all the best for 2016 but has it gone to plan so far? The beginning of the year is often filled with hope,
Leadership Tips and The 12 Days of Christmas   Once the Christmas dinner is over and the presents are opened it’s time to chill out, and maybe reflect a little on how this year has gone for you. Here are our 12 tips for making 2016 your best year yet.  And to keep it traditional we are stealing from an old Christmas song.   On the First Day of Christmas Leadership Tips… My true love

Are YOU Ebenezer?

Are YOU Ebenezer? Do you make your employees feel like Bob Cratchit? And if so – are you him before or after the visits from the Christmas ghosts? As leaders, we are very often unaware of the impact we have on others. Ebenezer Scrooge was so caught up in his own priorities that he did not give himself the time (until the visits from the Christmas ghosts) to understand the IMPACT he had on others.
Have you ever sat in a meeting and not really known what the point of it was? Perhaps you have walked out of a meeting and thought ‘Well that was a complete waste of time’ Maybe you have been in a meeting when you suddenly realised you hadn’t been listening for the past 10 minutes and wish you had been somewhere else? Studies show that 50-70% of company meetings are seen as a waste of
not like that
Do you remember Tommy Cooper – the bumbling, hapless ‘magician’ who often got his tricks wrong but occasionally pulled them off in spectacular fashion. His persona was developed by accident – his first attempt at giving a magic show was a disaster – everything went wrong but the audience loved it. And the line – Not Like That – Like This, became his trademark. It was funny because it meant nothing. It was not specific