Are you a family owned and run business? There are many family owned businesses in the UK and as a sector, family run businesses are growing and are successful – look at Laing O’Rourke. However it is not always plain sailing. Family run business can have issues with non family staff turnover, with succession planning and with blurring of the lines between home and business. These challenges are present across all sectors but it could
I was at a networking event this morning and it reminded me of the importance of speaking as a business owner, or leader in your business. The reason this was particularly relevant today you see, is that I have a really sore throat and therefore couldn’t really speak – and actually I was really thankful that I was not ‘speaking’ at the event. The thing is – as a business owner or business leader, the
Leaders Fighting

When Leaders Fight

If you know me at all you will know I am not the least interested in politics. However, from an ‘observing leadership’ point of view the last few weeks has been fascinating in terms of watching the Labour Leadership battle unfold. The candidates are all different. Andy Burnham is middle ground, stood and lost against Milliband and states he wants Labour to meet the “aspirations of everyone”. Yvette Cooper is also more middle ground, married
All companies face differing challenges dependent on their industries, the economy etc, but one thing remains true for all companies and that is that one bad apple in your workforce can have a massive impact. It is also true that most managers leave dealing with difficult employees way too long. Of course, if it was easy – no-one would leave it, every bad employee would be tackled as soon as their behavior was identified as

Am I The Only One?

  A client asked me this question last week – ‘Am I the Only One?’ What she was referring to was the fact she has all this expertise in her head, but couldn’t work out how to leverage that information, she just didn’t have the time to think about what she should be doing, let alone actually do it. It’s a problem that many – if not most – business owners and managers have and
In-team fighting

How To Handle In-Team Fighting

Everyone is different and believes that he/she is right during an argument, but when arguments happen between employees, things can escalate very quickly. As the leader – it often comes down to you to resolve the problem. Here’s how to handle in-team fighting:- Be objective If you want to be respected as a leader, you need to act objectively and deal with the facts. This is not about being popular, instead it requires you to
So – you are the leader of your team / division / business. So why is it that you seem to be doing your job and everyone else’s too? Why can your team just not do the stuff they are supposed to do? When are you going to be able to focus on growing the business and not firefighting all the time? If you have ever felt this way then I am sorry to tell
imposter syndrom
Could you be suffering from imposter syndrome? Have you ever felt that you don’t know as much as you SHOULD about running your business / managing your team? Do you worry that colleagues know more than you / are better than you? Perhaps you suffer from a low level anxiety that someone will find you out, and realise you are out of your depth? If you do – don’t worry you are not alone –