Do You Want 2017 To Be Your Best Year Yet? 

Do you have dreams of 2017 being a highly profitable year in your business?

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The Business Growth Online Bootcamp (BGOB) will go live on January 30th and here is your chance to participate.

Hosted by Adèle McLay of Small Business Huge Success™, BGOB features interviews with over 35 business experts (including me.  Yes, apparently I am a business expert!), all giving you fantastic advice on creating the business success you desire.  The topics covered broadly include:  strategy, branding, marketing, sales, finance, leadership, management, and much more.

I was interviewed by Adèle as part of the event and gave my top tips on Leadership and the Team Performance Engine.

The interviews will also give you:

  • Real ways to strategise your business to be more profitable
  • Tips on standing out as an employer and building high performance teams
  • Marketing and sales strategies to ensure you achieve your revenue growth goals
  • Advice on creating effective content for your digital channels
  • Solid financial best practice advice including accessing finance to grow, and what to think about ahead of selling your business
  • Ways to find profitable customers and new markets

Plus much, much more.

Adèle is an entrepreneur, business expert, public speaker and author who is passionate about guiding business owners to achieve success. She is a fantastic interviewer and has put together a fascinating schedule of interviews with experts including:

  • Royston Guest – Business Growth Adviser
  • Julie Hutchison – Leadership Consultant
  • Dr Nick Marsh – Business Strategist
  • Phil Lewis – Marketing Guru
  • Lorraine Carter – Branding Expert
  • Rob Warlow – Business Finance Expert
  • Rob Goddard – Business Sales Expert

… and many others.


Never before have these business leaders come together to offer their advice and guidance for free, so now is your time to unlock a wealth of information to put you on the path to success.

From 30th January to 5th February, you will have access to this amazing wealth of knowledge and the best news is that access is completely FREE.  To participate in this event, visit Small Business Huge and register your details. Here you will also find information on all the business experts taking part.

This is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. Rarely do so many experts come together to offer their advice to the business world.

I really enjoyed taking part and know you’ll enjoy listening to my colleagues and peers as they speak about their business experiences.


I look forward to ‘seeing’ you at the Bootcamp.



Is Training worth it

Leadership Tips – Is Training Really Worth It?

Training is a funny thing isn’t it? Everybody wants training, but as a manager you may sometimes wonder if it is actually worth it? I mean, you can train people up but that doesn’t mean that they are going to stay with you, and for that reason, training is often the first thing to go out of a budget and the last thing to come back.

You see, often people only look at the ‘cost’ of implementing training – the cost of moving forward. They never consider the cost of standing still.

Trained Staff = Happy Staff

You see the thing is that people who feel valued and who are given regular training and therefore the ability to move their own self development forward, are often the most cost effective employees. They are generally happier, more productive, more present (less time off) and more motivated. They produce a higher standard and a greater amount of work and they are more bought in to the company and their team and manager.

Now doesn’t that sound good?

Employees who are consistently trained and developed are also more likely to stay in a job for longer. A recent survey indicates that 40 per cent of employees who receive poor job training leave their positions within the first year. They cite the lack of skills training and development as the principal reason for moving on.

And furthermore, studies have shown that although management training alone can deliver significant productivity improvements (more than 20% in some cases); when delivered in conjunction with executive coaching, it can offer up to four times that level of benefit. The whole really is greater than the sum of its parts.

So if you are considering some training for your team, then consider the cost of standing still and make a decision to come along to my ‘Detox Your Team and Refresh Your Business’ event in Salisbury at the Enterprise Network on the 13th July, where you will find out what hidden genius already exists in your team and how you can utilise that to have a more profitable business !

Book here  and put in the code TEAM at the checkout for a special additional discount of £50 off the early bird price.  This discount is only available to my list and until Friday 17th June.  Click this link for more details and to book.



you lose

Leadership Tips – You Snooze – You Lose!!

Now before you get upset, I am not accusing you of actually sleeping on the job (although I have seen that from people in leadership roles in the past believe it or not!).  But let me ask you these questions.

Are you invariably too busy in your job?

Do you never have a minute to yourself and frequently work much more than you ‘should’?

Do you sometimes get to the end of the day and know you have been busy, but you can’t remember exactly how you got there?

It is a bit like that feeling you get when you have driven home and you honestly don’t remember the drive.  You are kind of on ‘automatic pilot’ ?   Do you know that feeling?

What often happens once you have been in a leadership (or any) role for sometime, is that you are so used to the daily routine, and you are so (unconsciously) competent at what you do that you do not have to think about doing it. And because your workload is high and you are under pressure the easy thing to do is just get on with it.

You arrive at work, you sit down at your desk, and you start working.  There is so much to do that by the time you look up its lunchtime, and if you have time to eat (which is probably just a sandwich at your desk) – you are then back into the work work work, trying to tick as many things as possible off your ‘To Do’ list.

But you see the problem with that is, it’s not very good for your staff.  You are so busy you are not looking at them and not seeing what they need from you.  They seem competent and have plenty of work to be getting on with but maybe they are not prioritising the right things (which will come back and bite you later down the line).  Perhaps they haven’t got the skills, or the competence to complete a certain task and so they are hiding it, or working on it but not getting very far.  Possibly they have an issue they want to ask you about – but you seem so busy they ‘don’t want to bother you’?

Have you experienced any of that in the past?

In that case you are snoozing on the job.  Not on purpose of course, but you are not looking at the bigger picture – which is a vital part of leadership and will show you that if you spent a little more time developing your team, you could spend a lot less time actually doing the work yourself.   Now doesn’t that sound great?

Why don’t you join me at 7.45am for a networking / workshop breakfast at Salisbury Chamber next Tuesday 17th – just follow this link and get yourself booked on – if you are a Chamber member its free ! (or £12 for non members). I will be talking about the Six Steps to Motivation Mastery and its gonna be good!

Look forward to seeing you there if you can make it.  The link again is here.


Leadership Tips – How to Get More Clients by Coaching – It’s not Rocket Science….its Maths

I know a lot of people who think coaching is all pink and fluffy and is about as useful as, well….something pink and fluffy.   But they are wrong.  Its just maths you see.  Timothy Gallwey creator of ‘The Inner Game’ created a mathematical formula which is P = p-i.   Or in English – Performance is potential minus interference.

So a persons performance (at work) will be a combination of their ultimate potential minus any blocks and barriers.  Those blocks and barriers might be other people, rules and regulations, company culture or very often – self limiting beliefs.

If you can get rid of the barriers and blocks then you can create another equation which I call

r + t = A.  Relationships + trust equals action.

If you can build good relationships with your team / suppliers / clients – then you get action (and normally also longevity).

Well, that’s all very well Julie, you may be thinking, but how do I do all of the above.


According to Wikipedia :-  “Coaching is a form of development in which a person called a coach supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal”.

You see coaching is all about helping people reach their potential, and achieving things they were always capable of but either they did not have the knowledge or skills to get there on their own,  or they lacked the belief in themselves to do it.

Alex Ferguson is arguably the most successful football coach in history (35 trophies to his name).  He understood the power of team work, and also of observation.  He stepped back from being on the pitch for training early in his management career and it gave him the time and space to observe behaviour that he was then able to coach.

It’s simple really – If you want to be a better leader – be a better coach.

I have coached hundreds of managers, entrepreneurs and team leaders to get more out of their teams and build lasting relationships with clients and suppliers – by coaching.  Yes – you can coach suppliers and clients too!

If you would like to improve your coaching skills, then join us for “Learn at Lunch” at 1pm on Weds 11th May when I will be teaching a few coaching tips for 20 minutes.

Click the link here to register and don’t forget to bring a sandwich and a coffee (or tea!) at 1pm next Wednesday!

Leadership Tips – Are You M.A.D. or Are You Mad?

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You’re probably thinking – “Actually, I think You’re the Mad one Julie – what are you talking about?”

Well what I am talking about is something that was very topical when I was talking at a leadership event for middle managers, and one of them asked me what he should do about HIS manager. The conversation went along the lines of – we get more done when he is not here as he is always interfering and criticising and yelling at people when he is here and everyone is frightened to do anything.

Well, that manager was clearly M.A.D. – he was Making A Difference. But not in a good way.

So let me ask you this – are YOU making a difference or would it not matter if you weren’t there? And if you ARE making a difference – is it the sort of difference you want or intend to make. Leadership comes in many shapes and sizes and from many backgrounds. As such leaders can have different problems.

For example – if you are a forward thinking, visionary, bigger picture leader – the charismatic inspirational type, then very often your main problem may be that you expect the highest (ie YOUR) level of competence from everyone, and therefore perhaps don’t spend enough time ensuring people actually know what they are supposed to do.

Assuming a greater level of competence than actually exists is a very common leadership problem and therefore the delegation you think you are doing is actually dumping. You are dumping tasks on people they are not skilled enough or confident enough to produce at the level you are expecting.

Alternatively, if you are a massive people person and care deeply about each individual on your team, you may be smothering them with too much love and NOT delegating because you think it would be kinder to not overload them, and do it yourself.

You can see all the minefields that can occur when we are ‘trying to make a difference’.

If you want to create a difference that actually makes a (positive) difference on your team then you need just 6 things. And rather than me detail them here – why don’t you join me for half an hour tonight – Thursday the 31st March 2016 – on my free webinar “Just 6 Things” – where I will be sharing the only 6 things you ever need to know about being a successful leader, making a difference and transforming your teams performance. Register here

For more on leadership see my blog – What Are You Most Frightened Of?

leadership - mind the gap

Leadership Tips – Mind The Gap!!

Are you a professional in a leadership position? If you are, it may have taken you 5 or 10 years to become an amazing expert in your field. You might well be the ‘Go To’ person in your field, or at least in your company.

But I often find, especially with my clients who are professionals in a NEW position of leadership, that there is a gap.

There is a gap in either confidence or knowledge. Not in your area of skill you understand. No – technically you ARE the expert. No, the gap is in confidence or knowledge (or often both) around leadership.

Do you find there are team members who are not as expert as you and you find yourself wishing they could just get on with it and do what you can do, and you are not sure why they can’t? Perhaps you have been a member of a team that just seemed a bit disjointed? You knew the team had the skills to do a much better job but for some reason, they just never quite hit the mark?

Well there are some key principles of leadership which can be learned which will help you to turn unproductive team members into high performers.

You can learn the principle of this in about 10 minutes, on my “Just 6 Things” webinar on Thurs 31 March at 7.30pm. Just click this link to register and learn the leadership secrets to transforming your teams performance.

For more on leadership see last weeks blog – Do You Know Who You Are?

Trap Door

Leadership Tips – When To Use The Big Trap Door

Have you ever found yourself putting up with behaviour that you really shouldn’t have put up with? You know the people I mean. I call them ‘mood hoovers’ – because they suck up all the positive energy in a room and spit out negativity dust.

It’s really damaging isn’t it? Either the situation gradually gets worse until you reach a point when it feels as if it has gone too far for you to be able to change it, or perhaps you ended up snapping at or screaming at that person and then YOU end up looking like the bad guy.

Don’t you just wish for a Big Trap Door, that you could open up and just nudge someone into? It’s why ‘Room 101’ got instant popularity on the Graham Norton Show.

However, maybe the reason why we are putting up with the bad behaviour is because we never made it clear in the first place what the expectations are. Often it goes back further than that. Many times, the culture of a company is not given the top priority it should have when hiring staff. Most people hire off a job spec, but the reason most people leave or get sacked from companies is NOT because they cannot do the job. As my good friend and recruitment coach Carole Fossey will confirm, most people who leave companies CAN do the job, they just don’t fit in.

And that’s YOUR fault.

If you haven’t identified and communicated the culture of your team / company – right from before day 1, and continued to communicate what is and isn’t acceptable, then perhaps it is time you started!

You also need to be aware of the impact YOU are having and be a big enough person to take constructive feedback that maybe it is YOU that is the “mood hoover.”

If you think you have someone on your team like this and you want some new ideas about how to deal with them then click here for free information on How to Get Your Teams To Do Anything You Want – And Still Have a Smile on Their Face.

Warmest Regards

PS – If you, like most people, have a fear of public speaking and know you need to get better at speaking up for your business – join me on March 18th for my Speak Up event where you will learn to Present With Power and Inspire Your Audience – details are here.


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I’m Not Speaking Anymore – Are YOU?

I was at a networking event this morning and it reminded me of the importance of speaking as a business owner, or leader in your business. The reason this was particularly relevant today you see, is that I have a really sore throat and therefore couldn’t really speak – and actually I was really thankful that I was not ‘speaking’ at the event.

The thing is – as a business owner or business leader, the ability to speak is one of the most important skills you need to develop. It is essential. You may need to present to the board, you possibly may be asked to speak at conferences or networking events, or to the media – you will almost certainly have to speak to clients and to your team if nothing else.

Nothing reduces credibility more in a “Leader” than an inability to confidently and relevantly speak in public. Conversely – if you have well developed public speaking skills it can give you enormous ‘street cred’ with your team and instil confidence in clients, partners and influencers alike. It’s great for your career if employed and your brand if a business owner.

However – it is a skill that few possess.

Statistics estimate that 75% of the population has a fear of public speaking and experience physical discomfort at the thought, with some people going to great lengths to avoid it. It is so common there is actually a name for it – Glossophobia.

Well, I have decided to help! I will be running a public speaking workshop in the New Year and if you would be so kind – could you click here and fill in just 4 questions about public speaking for me. It would really help.