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“It only took a few short moments to recognise in Julie her innate ability to get to the heart of the matter. That skill is rare and highly prized where time (and budgets) are limited. Her strategies for improving team performance are grounded and practical and she has developed techniques that I shall return to again and again.” Bev Hughes, Call Centre Manager

“Julie is an experienced and enthusiastic coach who has made a significant contribution to the development of a coaching culture within Hertfordshire Constabulary. We are seeing real progress in terms of the % of people who are experiencing a coaching style from their line managers.” Lesley Pritchard, Head of Training, Hertfordshire Constabulary

“I found the DISC profiling workshop with Julie to be very informative, whilst at the same time entertaining. The hands-on exercises were very useful in understanding how the theory we were learning could be applied to real-life situations.

Having done a few other profiling workshops, I found this one by far to be the most useful in terms of learning how the DIS and C profiles communicate with one another, and even in terms of how I relate to people I know in a non-professional context. I highly recommend Julie`s workshop to anyone looking to improve their communication with anyone.” Liz Menches, Multi-Lingual Marketing Specialist

“Julie is an exceptional character and fantastic performance coach. I highly recommend getting in touch with Julie to help you move forward to where you want to be. I have worked closely with Julie on a number of occasions and I can confidently assure anyone to choose to work with her above any other.” Miles Fryer, How to Build a Brand

“Julie is a highly qualified coach who works with integrity to achieve the best results for her clients. Her holistic approach and use of a variety of techniques ensures great value for the people she works with.” Julie Foster. Hertfordshire Police

“Julie has really pinned me down to what I really want and has helped me to overcome my own barriers to success.

It [coaching] helped me to break down my goals into smaller parts and rebuild to achieve a positive result.

Having not been in a learning environment for many years it was at first quite strange. It has, however, benefited me in being able to recognise the ways I can break down and communicate better what I want to achieve with myself and my team.

I now think how to do this with an action plan sometimes written or just planning in my head. This I find is becoming a very positive and achieving result.
Julie always kept pushing to get the answer from me not giving me the answer therefore making me think “on my feet”. Manager in a new role

“[The coaching] clarified my goals and aspirations. [It] led me both closer to achieving goals and to having more clarity in them. They are now my goals, not goals that I feel I should achieve for some form of social approval – goals which are individual to me.

[Julie is] non-judgemental, inquiring, seemed genuinely interested in me. A very good listener.

[The coaching has been] immensely valuable to me, it has clarified to me what I do not want and why, as well as what I do want. [It has] allowed me to create my own vision of what success looks like. I now have short term and long term goals written out and I am taking positive actions to make them real.

Very impactive. It has moved me towards seeking fulfilment outside of career progression and to focus more on achieving happiness through several different strands of activity. Has given me the courage to declare to myself and others what my goals and vision are. It has also left me less stressed than I was before commencing. I feel more empowered!

Yes I would strongly recommend my coach to others”. Retired professional looking at new career and life options

“Coaching helped me a lot in building up confidence to address some areas of my life I have been avoiding for quite some time. Being challenged to focus on those areas and to develop an insight that only taking action can change the situation for the better gave me a strong motivation to finally face some changes.

In the highly supportive coaching relationship with Julie I could develop more clarity about relevant variables in different areas of my life and experience real progress by carrying out the agreed action plans. Especially the possibility to develop wide thoughts in a non-judgemental environment was fruitful for me in trying out unfamiliar pathways and in overcoming my very well trained avoidance techniques

I appreciate very much the way in which Julie made me think about certain issues from another perspective and really challenged my thinking patters in a very effective way. I definitely have learned a lot within our coaching relationship and her kind and professional way Julie guided me through the process. Thank you very much indeed!” New business owner

“I was grateful of Julie’s understanding of what I felt like when I had been made redundant after 19 years and where I wanted to get in my immediate future.

She got my grey cells working in new dimensions and assisted me in finding how to achieve where I want to be.

Julie does not tell you how to do it but makes you find how you will do it. A great help to those who want to achieve success in any career or opportunity that you are offered.” New manager