How To Have A High Performing Team - it's not magic!

How To Have A High Performing Team 🎯

How To Have A High Performing Team – Step One

I don’t know if you are currently a leader – in your own business or someone else’s, or whether you are hoping to step into that position in 2021. 

Either way, one of the key things that is going to make you stand out from the crowd, and at the same time have a happier and more successful working life as a manager / leader, is to have a high performing team.

Many of my clients have said to me that this is a critical part of their 2021 planning and have asked me to help them to develop their teams from ‘underperforming’, ‘OK’ or even ‘good’ – into a high performing team.

Well, here’s the thing.  The first part of having a high performing team, is for them to know what that looks like.

When is the last time you sat down and wrote down what YOU stand for and what YOUR vision is?

Because if you don’t know, then the sad news is you will never have a high performing team.

OK – so perhaps you DO know.  Perhaps you even have it written down somewhere.  But if I asked your team what that actually was – asked THEM to tell me what your vision, values and goals were, would they know? 

You can be honest, because no-one else is in your head when you are reading this.  So – honestly now – do you know, and does your team know what you stand for and what the bigger picture is?  Or are you expecting them to be telepathic?

Do Your Team Know What Is In Your Head?

I have had all sorts of answers to that question (does your team know…) over the years.  Everything from, “Well isn’t it obvious” (no it isn’t), to “I only employ people with gumption” (great – but still, they are not telepathic, unless you hire for that too?).

So, as a result of all the requests, this week I have been running a KickStart Challenge.  Unleash Your Quiet Leader Brilliance.  The content of this has been designed to help you to understand and get very clear on what you stand for and what YOUR bigger picture is, so that you can then clearly communicate that to your team. 

You see, once a team knows precisely what is important to you, and where you (as the leader) want things to go, it is SOOO much easier for them to get there.    It’s the difference between saying to an Olympic runner that you want him to win, or saying ‘we need to take 0.4 seconds off your time in the next 6 months, and these are the tools we are going to provide you with’ (a training schedule, this equipment, this trainer). 

In this example – the former is a dream, and the latter is a vision and a plan.

Here’s the thing that most leaders forget.

Your team are not you.  Yes, I know – sounds obvious, doesn’t it?  But think about it for a minute.  Your team are not you, and they don’t know what you know.  They don’t have the experience you have (they have different and sometimes even better experiences – but not the exact same). 

So, they do not know everything that you may think they know.  And they certainly will not make the same decisions you would.

And that is fine.  Because sometimes they have a better or different experience and may have ideas you haven’t thought of, or be better at a certain skill than you are.

But Watch Out…..

If your team do not know what YOUR vision and goals are as a leader, they will fill in the gaps, and come to their own conclusions.  They might prioritise the wrong things, or not realise the importance of a particular deadline.  They are basically flying partially sighted.  And that’s really not fair to anyone, is it?

The only way to start to have a high performing team is for everyone to be working from the same map.  Otherwise, would you agree, you might all end up at different destinations?

UnLeash Your Quiet Leader Brilliance – What’s It About?

So – on the challenge – which you will find in the Quiet Leaders With Impact Facebook group, there has been some great work going on all week.  You can go back through the challenge and all the resources by joining the group (if you are not already in it) and looking for Unit X

Please note – the Challenge and all the resources will be coming down next week – so go look at it pronto if you want to see what it has all been about.

The challenge finishes tomorrow and tonight I am doing an extra bonus session for those who want to get that content and who might be interested in working with me further. 

You see, all the content we have been going through this week is just one part, of one module of the Quiet Leaders Launchpad Program.  I developed this program to help quiet leaders (you’ll know if that is you, or one of your managers) to develop their voice, speak up, speak out and be the Leader that they know they can be. 

On the call this evening I am offering a free strategy session, to those who might be interested in getting in on the Quiet Leaders Launchpad which is opening soon to just 12 participants.  Why only 12?  Because this is an intensive coaching program which delivers massive results for the individuals in the group.  I have found 12 to be the optimum number, any more than that and there is a danger that some people don’t get all the attention they deserve and need. 

So, 12 it is, and there are 7 currently booked for a strategy session.

How Can You Be Part Of It?

As you are part of my Inner Circle, I am opening the offer up to you too.  Book a strategy session and we can both see if it is a fit.  If we don’t think the program is for you, you will still get value from the session in the form of clarity around what you want to achieve in 2021. 

Here is the link to book on a call with me.  During our 30-min. call, we’ll uncover your super strengths & biggest barriers and determine whether we’re a good fit to work together.

And if you want to catch up on the Challenge – go join the group here, or if you are already in – click on Units here.  If you don’t have time to do the whole Challenge before the content comes down – go look at Day 1 – that will give you the overview.

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