Leadership Tips – Knock Knock – Who’s There?

Do you find that your staff are constantly coming to you with questions that you KNOW they are capable of deciding about themselves?

Are you positive you have already answered most of their questions on more than one occasion?

Do you sometimes wonder why they just can’t get on with it without bothering you over minutiae?

Well – it’s could be your fault. You may have inadvertently set them up to fail at decision making.




But it doesn’t help you much does it – if all your team are in the first 3 bubbles? How can you get things done? Perhaps you find it quicker to do it all yourself.

If you want to know how to move your people into the right 2 bubbles, give me a shout and I shall let you in on the secret.

Meanwhile – here are a few tips to start you off:

* Do your team members know what their individual level of responsibility is?

* Do they know what they have authority for/what they can say yes to?

* What happens if they stick their necks out and make a decision – what happens now?

* How is that communicated to other team members?

If you don’t know this then the chances are you are creating the situation yourself (of them being in the left 3 bubbles). You may not be not enabling them to make a decision themselves, not enabling them to move to the right hand bubbles. And what you end up with is ‘dumbed down’ staff who are not trusted, just about coping but not caring about what they do. The are not bought in to the company or the goals, with a high risk of leaving, a high probability of being unproductive and basically they are costing you money without giving back.

But if you can learn to LEAD them then you get effective, confident, productive staff who are in it for the long haul.

If you want to know how YOU can change this for your business then see next week’s blog.

Thanks for reading this weeks Blog. As a Thank You – I would like to give you my Free Report – ‘How to Get Your Teams To Do Anything You Want and Still Have a Smile on Their Face’ – www.teamperformanceengine.uk

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