You don’t have to be Richard Branson to be a leader….

Many people think they have to be a Richard Branson or a Barack Obama or a Maggie Thatcher to be a ‘leader’. But, actually, that is not true. Leaders don’t just run multi-national companies or stride the world stage as a leading politician who runs a country. No. Leaders are also people who lead teams or other people. It might be leading the IT team, or the Accounts Team, or the Sales Team or a team of Engineers. It might be the Managing Director or CEO or Business Owner or Managing Partner. Lots of people are actually Leaders.

Many of those people have become leaders of others because they were very good, maybe even excellent, at doing what they do. Being an expert in IT, or Sales, or Accounting or the Law or something else. Or maybe they started a business doing something they really loved and were tremendous at and then, all of a sudden, they found themselves with a team or teams of people that they were responsible for. But they’ve never had any training or coaching or mentoring in how to actually manage people. How to get the best from them. They sometimes feel out of their depth with the problems that people can bring to a business. Even when there aren’t ‘problems’ per se – how do they get their teams and people fully engaging with the business and their roles? How DO they get the best from them?

The team at Think Be Do have straightforward toolkits and strategies to support leaders and those aspiring to be leaders. We develop leaders by coaching, training, mentoring and guiding individuals and teams to become better, more confident and more resilient versions of themselves.

So who would benefit from working with us?

  • We work with all kinds of businesses but we particularly specialise in working with professional services companies such as solicitors, accountants, surveyors, engineers, IT specialists etc. Those who have ‘technical expertise excellence’ in some way but who do not yet have the leadership skills to fully harness the talents of their people.
  • Those who work strategically for their businesses. People in roles such as Managing Directors, CEO’s, Business Owners and members of the senior management team. We help them to develop their personal and team capabilities for leading the business towards greater growth and achievements.
  • Other ‘teams’ within the business where the sum isn’t yet greater than the whole. To help those teams to harness the skills and capabilities within them and to assist them to work in better harmony with other teams within the company – enabling the business to gain from the increased synergies.
  • Either through the companies they work for or on their own account, individuals who want to develop their own leadership skillsets and strive to gain promotions within their employment field, such as ‘making partner’ or to help them to better manage the people they are already responsible for.

‘Be yourself, everyone else is taken’ – Oscar Wilde