Leadership Tips – Are You M.A.D. or Are You Mad?

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You’re probably thinking – “Actually, I think You’re the Mad one Julie – what are you talking about?”

Well what I am talking about is something that was very topical when I was talking at a leadership event for middle managers, and one of them asked me what he should do about HIS manager. The conversation went along the lines of – we get more done when he is not here as he is always interfering and criticising and yelling at people when he is here and everyone is frightened to do anything.

Well, that manager was clearly M.A.D. – he was Making A Difference. But not in a good way.

So let me ask you this – are YOU making a difference or would it not matter if you weren’t there? And if you ARE making a difference – is it the sort of difference you want or intend to make. Leadership comes in many shapes and sizes and from many backgrounds. As such leaders can have different problems.

For example – if you are a forward thinking, visionary, bigger picture leader – the charismatic inspirational type, then very often your main problem may be that you expect the highest (ie YOUR) level of competence from everyone, and therefore perhaps don’t spend enough time ensuring people actually know what they are supposed to do.

Assuming a greater level of competence than actually exists is a very common leadership problem and therefore the delegation you think you are doing is actually dumping. You are dumping tasks on people they are not skilled enough or confident enough to produce at the level you are expecting.

Alternatively, if you are a massive people person and care deeply about each individual on your team, you may be smothering them with too much love and NOT delegating because you think it would be kinder to not overload them, and do it yourself.

You can see all the minefields that can occur when we are ‘trying to make a difference’.

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