Tech leaders aren't people people, are they?

Tech Leaders aren’t people people, are they?

This week we have been looking at the subject that many technical leaders don’t feel like people people.  

We did a live 10-minute training on it, which you can watch here.

That good old phrase – “I’m not a people person” is banded around so often that I am almost believing it myself. 

But it’s just not true

Yes, ok, some people don’t find it naturally easy to understand others, to get in touch with their emotional side or to inspire and engage. 

Some people feel more comfortable with their device than talking to a human.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

And it’s all the more important if you are stepping up into a tech leader role because, whereas before, you might have been forgiven for not having a firm grip of the nuances of communication and engaging people, now it is more important. 

Now you need to inspire the board, get investment, motivate your team and take your ideas forward through influence and impact as a leader. 

The problem is that, if you don’t master these skills you end up:

  • Unknown
  • Uninteresting and 
  • Unremarkable

Where no one’s listening, no one notices, and no one responds.   And you are left frustrated and feeling like you can’t succeed in the role you have always wanted. 

But people skills can be learned – even for non-people people

What we need is to do just three things. 

We need to be: 

  • Relevant & Interesting
  • Confident & Connected
  • Positively Impactful

It’s exactly what I teach on our Communication Champions Impact Accelerator™, honing the way you show up as a leader, top communicator with influence and impact. 

But let’s dig in to the three pillars below:

Relevant & Interesting

When people don’t see you as relevant and interesting, there is nothing in it for them (WIIFM) to listen.  They have to have a reason to listen.  And the problem for many tech leaders is that although they are full of great information, they don’t always manage to articulate their value and get buy-in for their ideas.  So, no one notices or can digest what you are saying.  Sometimes it is too detailed or “in-the-weeds” for people to take on board and this prevents others from hearing what you have to say.  

You need to create a clear WIIFM and meet them at the level they are at.  When you do this, you can create buy-in for your ideas.  

Confident & Connected

Relationships and trust are massive when it comes to influence.  We have to build connections and trust and be happy to collaborate with different types of people.  But we can learn how to create the trust through an understanding of who the person really is.  If we are not a natural people person, we have to follow a system to understand what motivates a person and what other people need.  We can then adapt our style to create comfort and trust in the relationship.  Once we do this, we also have to develop the confidence to say what needs to be said. Avoiding difficult conversations will never get to the issue and you won’t be able to influence.  Learning how to articulate your needs and challenge poor behaviour will be an important part of your success so making conflict with your friend is super important. 

Positively Impactful

It is so much easier to look at other’s behaviour than our own and to point the finger elsewhere. But, in fact, since behaviour breeds behaviour, we should look a little close to home.  As a leader, being conscious of our behaviour will mean that you can take time to think about how you want to show up, and design your impact.  Being more aware means you will approach situations from a different, more calm perspective and be less emotionally charged by situations.  You can step back and make better decisions and your team will feel that they want to work with you and be part of your cause. 

So, when you work on these three areas, you will be able to communicate at multiple levels, impact others in a positive way and create great relationships that bring people with you on your journey. 

Remember, if you want to watch the short live training I did on this, then you can catch it here.

And, if you would like some help in implementing these techniques then message me for details of how you can join the Impact Accelerator™.

Julie “Chief Impact Engineer” Hutchison

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