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Stuck in the Middle With You

Are you the bottleneck in your own business? 

I was talking to a client earlier this week.  He was talking about how he needed training for his team, as he felt they were unmotivated and didn’t try very hard and weren’t doing what they should be doing.

But here’s the thing.  Behaviour breeds behaviour.  So if your team is not performing the first thing we need to look at as leaders, is ourselves.  Often we are so busy, we only stop to notice when things don’t get done and then we look at the people and ask ourselves why they aren’t doing what they should. Often this is because roles have evolved over time, and communication is not happening (because you are so busy). 

Let’s face it – most people come to work to do a good job.  In most cases they are willing.  So, it is YOU that have to change.  You need to change from a ‘doer’ to a leader.

Do Your People Breathe a Sigh of Relief When You Walk In or When You Walk Out?

You may not even know that you are demotivating people. You need to become a detective and look at the reasons WHY things are happening. 

Sometimes it is because you think it is quicker to do something yourself (which is true on the first occasion, but on the following 50 times – it saves huge amounts of time if you can offload the task to someone else by training them).

As your business grows you will need to identify people in your business who can become your future leaders.  And what you need to do is develop THEM as well as yourself?  And then THEY will also become bottlenecks in your business.

How To Avoid The Bottlenecks

Growing your business means you need to have team performance.  If they are not doing – then it is either because they can’t do it because they don’t know how, they won’t do it because they don’t want to or they don’t think they have to do it a certain way.

So – how did you set things up to change this.  We need confident people – do they CAN do it.  We need people to trust us – then you get excited and want to do it.  You need people who are committed to the cause – do the people in your business know what the vision is? 

This is all the stuff we go into on the Leaders Launch Pad. 

You need to give people Clarity and Autonomy.  Even if you have people who are capable of doing things – if they are not clear about what good looks like and what decisions they are allowed to make, then they won’t do stuff.

How do you create Clarity and Autonomy.  The short version is coaching and clear guidelines.  Easier said than done, I am sure you would agree? 

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