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How do Quiet Leaders and Introvert Business Owners Create High Performing Teams?

High Performing Teams are created by 9 key actions.

If there was ever a time you need your team to be performing at their best, it is now.  Coming out of the Pandemic (hopefully) many businesses need to be ‘hitting the ground running’ and ‘making up for lost time’ (among other idioms and metaphors).

That’s why I did a half an hour webinar on this subject today.  The subject of getting your team to perform at its best wand why it might not be.

If your team is not performing at it’s best, do you know why?  It will probably break down into one of the following 3 reasons:-

  1. They can’t do it.
  2. They can do it but they don’t do it.
  3. They could do it if they wanted to but they don’t want to so they won’t. 

These 3 issues have different causes and very different tactics needed in order to manage the people involved.

What To Do If They Can’t Do It

The simplest is probably the “Can’t Do It’s”.  These people literally can’t do it – and for 2 possible reasons.  Either they do not have the capability or they don’t have the confidence.  If they don’t have the capability that could be for a variety of reasons. 

Rarely it is a physical or mental limitation, but it could be.  Perhaps they need to go up ladders or carry heavy things, and they have recently been ill or had an accident and they just are not capable of doing that anymore – temporarily or permanently.

If that is the case, then you clearly need to look at their job description and what amendments can be made to it so that they can still achieve meaningful input for themselves and for the business. 

This would also apply to a mental impairment caused by an injury or illness.  But it might not necessarily be a lack of brain function.  It could be that they just aren’t wired to do that sort of work.  In which case – you may need to look at your recruitment practices!  

Is It Capability Or Confidence?

If it is not either of these things, then it is probably a lack of confidence.  They don’t think they are good at something – or they have tried once and got it wrong, and felt bad or were criticised for it.  And so, they don’t want to try again and believe they “can’t” do it. 

Or they are new – to the company or the team, and lack confidence because they are the ‘newbie’ and they are comparing themselves to other more established team members. 

In this case, you need to look at whether they need some help with understanding how to do their job – Capability.  They may need training on some aspects of their role. Or they need to learn how to step up to the responsibility – Autonomy.  In which case you need to coach them.  Or they need some Clarity – some targets and KPI’s, an understanding of the expectations and the step-by-steps, that they need to complete. 

When it gets to looking at the ‘Don’t Do’s and the ‘Won’t Do’s – things can get more challenging and would take longer than I have for this blog to share with you.  What I would like to do is share the webinar link with you – so that you can get an overview of this complex area, and some potential strategies you can use with YOUR team, right now.

Just reply to this email with ‘TEAM please’ in the subject line and I will make sure that a copy of the webinar comes over to you asap!