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Leadership Tips – Do You Know Who You Are?

If you are an entrepreneur you probably do know who YOU are, but do you know who your TEAM really are?

You see, last week I was talking to 40 solicitors, 10 police officers and over 65 women in business.  But whilst those 3 ‘teams’ of people have a lot in common they also have many individual differences.  And that made me think.

You see entrepreneurs like you, create stuff.  You are pro-active, a problem solver, decision maker, self motivated, intuitive, creative, high energy, innovative.  Wouldn’t it be great if your team was more self motivated, more able and willing to make decisions, more pro-active, able to solve their own problems.  Wouldn’t it be great if they were more like you?  Wouldn’t it be great if you had a bunch of INTRAPRENEURS in your business?

Well – you quite possibly have.  I am betting that somewhere in your office you have an ‘eBay business owner’ or a ‘Amazon reseller’ or a ‘network marketer’.  And if only they would put as much effort into your business as they do yours – how great would that be?

Did you know there is a tool you can use to understand your people and what makes them tick – to identify the ‘Intrapreneurs’ in your business – the people who can be moving things forward for you – if only you knew who they were and allowed them to do it.

But it will also tell you about the other people in your business who you need just as much.  It will tell you who is in just as happy delivering the day to day “stuff” your business does, who will make sure all things add up and that the delivery of your product or service happens again and again.

It is just like finding the key to how best to use your people to make the most of their skill, genius and talent.

Click here to watch a short video where I share with you what that tool is and how you can access it today…..

Watch here

Leadership Tips – What Are You Most Frightened Of?

Perhaps you don’t like Spiders? Possibly you are scared of flying. A friend of mine is terrified of needles and faints every time she has blood taken.

But actually there might be something more frightening than any of those for you. An amazing 74% of people (well American’s probably – think that’s where the survey was done) are more frightened of public speaking than ANYTHING.

Yes I mean anything. They would be less frightened about dying! How crazy is that?


Here are the top 10 fears people have:-

1. Public Speaking or Stage Fright – 19%

2. Death and End of Life – 16%

3. Spiders and other Arachnids Creatures – 13%

4. Darkness and Twilight – 12%

5. Heights, Altitudes, and Elevations – 11%

6. People and Social Situations – 10%

7. Flying in Airplanes – 7%

8. Open Spaces and Squares – 5%

9. Natural Thunder and Lightning – 4%

10. Confined Spaces and Small Rooms – 3%


Public speaking is clearly number one. Which is a shame really – for everyone – but especially if you have to speak up for your business. If you are a leader in business and can’t speak – then you are not as effective leader as you could be. There are many circumstances you may need to speak in – one to one meetings, client or supplier meetings, board meetings, team meetings, conferences, networking, speaking to the press. The list goes on.

So, let me invite you to join me next week on March the 18th at my Speak Up For Your Business Event. Here’s the link.

And in case you missed it last night – here is a link to a short masterclass about just ONE super effective technique you can implement right away, to improve your speaking. I promise you – 20 minutes of your time invested and you will walk away with a skill for life.

Here is the link to the online masterclass training

And this is just ONE of the topics you will learn about on the 18th March. So if you need to speak in your business – and you have it on your list of ‘things I would rather walk over hot coals than do’ – please come along. It will be fun I promise!

Leadership Tips – Want People To Listen To You? Read On…

If you are in business – whether you are a Manager or a Business Leader (or want to be one day), you are going to be doing a lot of speaking.

You might have to speak at board meetings or team meetings. Perhaps you have to speak to the media. You almost certainly have to speak to clients and suppliers. Or maybe you just have to speak to your team, or your boss. But whoever you are speaking to you, need to try and motivate them to do, understand or believe the things you want them to.

So why is that sooo difficult to get your boss to listen to you and understand they need to allocate proper budget for the things you believe are important – maybe staff development or marketing? Or why is it so hard to get some staff members to understand the need to make changes within your business – whether that is implementing new systems which will make it easier for everyone to work effectively, or whether it is new software to speed up processes.

It seems that being heard is quite difficult in business. And it is certainly true that most problems and bones of contention within a business can be traced back to lack of communication – lack of understanding or lack of motivation (which are all inexorably linked).

So what is the answer?

Well – it is a big issue, and too big really for this blog. So instead here is what I am going to do.

Would you like to know the ONE thing you could do tomorrow to immediately have an impact on these problems – to immediately know how to get people to actually listen, understand and buy into what you are saying?

If the answer is yes – then this is for you.

I am putting on a FREE Solutions Masterclass next Weds 9th March at 8pm. It will be just 20 minutes long and you will come away from that session with something you can IMMEDIATELY go and implement the next day. Does that sound good?

I am keeping it brief as I don’t want to overwhelm you with lots of strategies, I am just going to share this ONE thing – which you can do straight away.

Oh – and I will leave 10 minutes at the end for any questions you might have.

Just click this link to register for the free Masterclass, that will give you an immediate Solution to not being listened to.

Click here to register


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Trap Door

Leadership Tips – When To Use The Big Trap Door

Have you ever found yourself putting up with behaviour that you really shouldn’t have put up with? You know the people I mean. I call them ‘mood hoovers’ – because they suck up all the positive energy in a room and spit out negativity dust.

It’s really damaging isn’t it? Either the situation gradually gets worse until you reach a point when it feels as if it has gone too far for you to be able to change it, or perhaps you ended up snapping at or screaming at that person and then YOU end up looking like the bad guy.

Don’t you just wish for a Big Trap Door, that you could open up and just nudge someone into? It’s why ‘Room 101’ got instant popularity on the Graham Norton Show.

However, maybe the reason why we are putting up with the bad behaviour is because we never made it clear in the first place what the expectations are. Often it goes back further than that. Many times, the culture of a company is not given the top priority it should have when hiring staff. Most people hire off a job spec, but the reason most people leave or get sacked from companies is NOT because they cannot do the job. As my good friend and recruitment coach Carole Fossey will confirm, most people who leave companies CAN do the job, they just don’t fit in.

And that’s YOUR fault.

If you haven’t identified and communicated the culture of your team / company – right from before day 1, and continued to communicate what is and isn’t acceptable, then perhaps it is time you started!

You also need to be aware of the impact YOU are having and be a big enough person to take constructive feedback that maybe it is YOU that is the “mood hoover.”

If you think you have someone on your team like this and you want some new ideas about how to deal with them then click here for free information on How to Get Your Teams To Do Anything You Want – And Still Have a Smile on Their Face.

Warmest Regards

PS – If you, like most people, have a fear of public speaking and know you need to get better at speaking up for your business – join me on March 18th for my Speak Up event where you will learn to Present With Power and Inspire Your Audience – details are here.


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knee bone

Leadership Tips – The Knee Bone’s Connected To The Thigh Bone

Do you remember that old song… “The Knee Bone’s Connected To The Thigh Bone”? Well the relevance of that will become apparent in a minute – bear with me.

We talked last week about the need for leaders to leverage, to delegate, to be free from the day to day, and what happens to teams when the leader does not do the above.

But what if it all goes wrong?

What if you leave it to the team and it doesn’t happen? What if it is not as good as your work? What if they mess up?

Do you know what? It is highly likely they will – and this is why many leaders who have tried to delegate take back control. If you want to be able to do this properly and with the right results then the words of that old song are very relevant. It is all about connection, and more specifically the connection between the 4 points in my L.E.A.D process.

* Leverage

* Enable

* Assure Trust

* Develop the Mind

Now you have to work backwards with this – you can never leverage unless you have first enabled your team. You cannot enable them unless there is mutual trust and you cannot develop that trust unless you have the mindset of a Leader and are on top of the other 5 points of the Team Performance Engine.

If you can get L.E.A.D right, then you are on your way to creating the space, time and performance you want from your team / business.

If you want to find out more about the 5 essential skills that make up the Team Performance Engine then go here www.teamperformanceengine.uk for some free stuff.

PS – If you missed the link last week – one of the other critical factors in being a leader is being able to speak up for your business. If you are free on the 18th March – have a look at this link to find out more about my next event on Presentation Skills.

Leadership Tips – Knock Knock – Who’s There?

Do you find that your staff are constantly coming to you with questions that you KNOW they are capable of deciding about themselves?

Are you positive you have already answered most of their questions on more than one occasion?

Do you sometimes wonder why they just can’t get on with it without bothering you over minutiae?

Well – it’s could be your fault. You may have inadvertently set them up to fail at decision making.




But it doesn’t help you much does it – if all your team are in the first 3 bubbles? How can you get things done? Perhaps you find it quicker to do it all yourself.

If you want to know how to move your people into the right 2 bubbles, give me a shout and I shall let you in on the secret.

Meanwhile – here are a few tips to start you off:

* Do your team members know what their individual level of responsibility is?

* Do they know what they have authority for/what they can say yes to?

* What happens if they stick their necks out and make a decision – what happens now?

* How is that communicated to other team members?

If you don’t know this then the chances are you are creating the situation yourself (of them being in the left 3 bubbles). You may not be not enabling them to make a decision themselves, not enabling them to move to the right hand bubbles. And what you end up with is ‘dumbed down’ staff who are not trusted, just about coping but not caring about what they do. The are not bought in to the company or the goals, with a high risk of leaving, a high probability of being unproductive and basically they are costing you money without giving back.

But if you can learn to LEAD them then you get effective, confident, productive staff who are in it for the long haul.

If you want to know how YOU can change this for your business then see next week’s blog.

Thanks for reading this weeks Blog. As a Thank You – I would like to give you my Free Report – ‘How to Get Your Teams To Do Anything You Want and Still Have a Smile on Their Face’ – www.teamperformanceengine.uk

oh no not again

Oh No Not Again!

What’s happened – you might be thinking? Actually it’s not so bad. I have been asked to speak – again – for the 7th time in 6 weeks. Which is actually brilliant – because I love that interaction with a live audience. I have been speaking / will be speaking at a conference for dentists, a chamber of commerce event, my own events, a multi speaker event for tradespeople in Heathrow on January 26th, and at a women in business conference – to name just some of them. I am not telling you that to brag. I’m telling you because it made me think – about how important it is to speak up for your business.

We all think we know what other people do for a living, but actually every business is unique and we mostly never know about that because we don’t have the chance to hear what most people have to say about their businesses.

But it is SO important to be able to speak up for your business. And most people have a morbid fear of public speaking that stops them ever volunteering to speak at any kind of event. A lot of people WANT to be able to do it, but they just lack the confidence – or they think no-one will be interested – or they don’t know how to structure the talk and what content to give or at what level to chunk the information (more about chunking in another blog).

And just this week I was at a network event where a colleague collared me and said “Julie, When are you running that Presentation Skills Workshop again?”. So I decided to stop procrastinating and put a date in the diary for my workshop

“Speak Up For Your Business – Present with Power and Inspire your Audience”

You can find out about the event here – go on I dare you. Step Up and Speak Up for YOUR Business.

PS – to find out more about the event for trades people click here and read about all 4 speakers


Question: What’s the Difference between a Team and a Toothache?

No – I’ve not lost the plot, it’s a genuine question. You see on the 30th of this month I am speaking at an event for dentists. There will be a lot of dentists there. What is the word for many dentists all in one place ? Perhaps – an amalgam of dentists?

Anyway – It made me think of how dentists are leaders. They lead their teams. They lead their clients – by giving advice and support on how to have good oral hygiene and not have to have major work done. Of course one of the pieces of advice is to clean your teeth twice a day and to spot and sort out problems when they are just minor things, rather than wait until you need root canal or an extraction.

All good sensible advice.

And that is a bit like leadership in any type of team / company / business. If you have a quick check over / check in with the team on a daily basis you can often spot little things as they happen and before they become big things.

All makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

So why is it that most people put off going to the dentist until they are in screaming pain, and why is it that most leaders fail to deal with things when they are little?

Is it because they are hoping it will go away and resolve itself (trust me that never happens). Is it because they don’t know what to do about it and so stick their head in the sand (the ostrich principle). Is it because they are scared – doing something about it might be costly or painful in some way (ah yes – here we have it).

Most people ignore little things because we don’t like pain, and we don’t like confrontation or we have other priorities that day and perhaps it will just go away (or perhaps we are just scared of the dentist).

But whatever the reason, leaving things to fester is never a good idea. What was a small pain, given enough time will become a major problem. And then – when it can no longer be ignored – it is dealt with. By then it takes a lot more effort, time, money – or all three. And often it is too hard to resolve and does not end well, where pro-active management could have solved it much sooner.

If you want to know how you can use some proven strategies to deal with issues in your team as and when they arise, and when they are small problems that can more easily be solved – come along to hear me speak at the ToolBox Live event on the 26th Feb in Heathrow. Or if you are a dentist or know a dentist and want to come to the event on the 30th January – email me on julie@juliehutchison.co.uk

And I wonder .…do dentists take their own advice on pro-active (oral hygiene) management when it comes to dealing with problems in their own teams?

Best YearEver

Your Best Year Ever


Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Turning Into Hurdles?

How To Become an Olympian and Lead Yourself to Your Best Year Ever!

Happy New Year! Wow – here we are already in our second week of 2016 and right back to business as if the Christmas period never even happened. I wish you all the best for 2016 but has it gone to plan so far?

The beginning of the year is often filled with hope, plans and big dreams for your life, business and even relationships. How many times do you think people set goals and then fall at the first hurdle, all good intentions have gone out the window?

Perhaps you already feel like your motivation has dwindled as you are back in the office seeing the same old faces, the same pile of paperwork and the same bills to pay. Maybe this is just how it was last year and you’re frustrated because nothing has changed and in fact it is harder than ever with more stresses, less resources and more to do – again.

It doesn’t have to be like this. How would it feel for this to be the year you hit top performance – with everyone wondering how you have done it? What if you could start and then continue this year totally focused and taking massive action for you and your team?

Isn’t it time for you to be able to jump those hurdles like an Olympic Athlete and enjoy running on the track YOU set yourself?

Imagine you are on fire! You are getting things done, moving forward on projects; your teams are smoking hot, performing at their best! You get that promotion, achieve those targets, and also find time for friends and family!

Sounds amazing?………But how do you go about getting there?

If this feels familiar then join me on Wednesday 13th January at 8pm on my free webinar and I will show you how to go from frustrated to fab.

Register here for: W“Olympic Hurdles?” – How to make 2016 your best year yet!”

I’m excited that so many people have signed up for it already, and if you haven’t yet then click here to sign up and claim your free place now.


Over the next couple of months I will be running some workshops which will help you stay on track for your Best Year Ever. I have designed them with one aim; to make you and your teams more productive, happier and easier to manage.

They are packed with practical tools to make leading, managing and motivating yourself, your colleagues and your staff easier, helping you to create more time to spend on the things that will make the difference to you and your role in business.

See below for more information on how to book your placeat The Leaders in Practice™ WORKSHOP

My Leaders in Practice™ Workshop is ideal for any business owner or corporate leader who wants better results, and to get the cogs of the business engine running smoothly.

This workshop is for you if you or your colleagues want to have more time, less stress and better results in your organisation?

Email: workshops@juliehutchison.co.uk for more information and dates.

If you want a taster of what happens on this workshop, and you are local to the Wiltshire area, come along to an event I am delivering for Inspire by Wessex Chambers, on the 21st January (free for Inspire by Wessex Chambers subscription members). Find Out More Here

Remember to sign up for next week’s webinar here.

I look forward to hearing from you. Here’s to Your Best Year Ever!


Leadership Tips and the 12 Days of Christmas

Leadership Tips and The 12 Days of Christmas


Once the Christmas dinner is over and the presents are opened it’s time to chill out, and maybe reflect a little on how this year has gone for you.

Here are our 12 tips for making 2016 your best year yet.  And to keep it traditional we are stealing from an old Christmas song.


On the First Day of Christmas Leadership Tips…

My true love said to me:

A Leader is one who

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

Leaders don’t just act like the boss and tell other people WHAT to do, but show them HOW to do it. A good leader always shows the way.  A boss says ‘Go’, a Leader says ‘Let’s go, follow me’.


 On the Second Day of Christmas Leadership tips…

My true love said to me:

You Are a Leader

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

You don’t have to be in a managerial role or have an official title to be a leader. If you are a hard worker and dream big, other people will follow you.  Therefore you a leader.


 On the Third Day of Christmas Leadership tips…

My true love said to me:

Steve Jobs A Leader

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

Good Leaders will think outside the box and come up with their own ideas.  They create the world around them and this inspires others.


 On the Fourth Day of Christmas Leadership tips…

My true love said to me:


Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.
A leader might come up with ideas and inspire others, but unless they can unlock the potential in their team, they will be leading no-one.  Leaders facilitate and allow the individuals in their teams to grow.


On the Fifth Day of Christmas Leadership tips…

My true love said to me:


Where there is no vision, there is no hope.
You can’t go into a project or an idea blind, or it will never work. You must first come up with a vision of what you want, and then show others the way.


 On the Sixth Day of Christmas Leadership tips…

My true love said to me:

If you want a quality

If you want a quality, act as if you already had it.
You know the saying: Fake it till you make it… well the same applies to leadership skills. In a company no-one will promote you to manager unless they see you as a manager, meaning you have to act as if you were a manager.  If it is your own business – no-one will come work for you if they don’t see you as a leader – so step up and act like one.


 On the Seventh Day of Christmas Leadership tips…

My true love said to me:

Speak softly

Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.

In other words, always be humble, avoid raising your voice and being a hot-head for the sake of it, but don’t be afraid to put your foot down and make the tough calls when needed.


On the Eighth Day of Christmas Leadership tips…

My true love said to me:


No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit for doing it.

Good Leaders know they can’t do anything without their teams. They are more interested in the end result than in taking the credit. If a leader acts in this way he will no longer be a leader as there will be no team left to lead…


On the Ninth Day of Christmas Leadership tips…

My true love said to me:

It is essential

In other words – the smartest thing you can do is hire people who might be smarter than you!

 On the Tenth Day of Christmas Leadership tips…

My true love said to me:

Good Management

Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.

Make problem solving fun – and a TEAM activity.  If problems are seen as something negative then people will naturally avoid or shy away from dealing with them – which means it is always down to the leader to spot and solve problems.  Far better to encourage an environment where problem solving is applauded and everyone wants in.



On the Eleventh Day of Christmas Leadership tips…

My true love said to me:

The Quality of a leader

The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.

Want to be a good leader? Then set the bar high. No – higher than that.   But what if you don’t feel confident? This takes me to my last point…


 On the Twelfth Day of Christmas Leadership tips…

My true love said to me:

Henry Ford

Henry Ford knew what he was talking about when he said  “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”

There is nothing more important when it comes to being a manager than believing in yourself. Believe you can be the best leader in your business and you WILL.

If you want to make 2016 your Best Year Yet – come along to our free Best Year Yet workshops – where we will help you set the strategies you need for making 2016 your absolute Best Year Yet.

If you would like to pre-register for more information email me on julie@juliehutchison.co.uk and put “Best Year Yet” in the subject line.

Wishing you a Prosperous and Happy 2016.