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Leadership Tips – Want People To Listen To You? Read On…

If you are in business – whether you are a Manager or a Business Leader (or want to be one day), you are going to be doing a lot of speaking.

You might have to speak at board meetings or team meetings. Perhaps you have to speak to the media. You almost certainly have to speak to clients and suppliers. Or maybe you just have to speak to your team, or your boss. But whoever you are speaking to you, need to try and motivate them to do, understand or believe the things you want them to.

So why is that sooo difficult to get your boss to listen to you and understand they need to allocate proper budget for the things you believe are important – maybe staff development or marketing? Or why is it so hard to get some staff members to understand the need to make changes within your business – whether that is implementing new systems which will make it easier for everyone to work effectively, or whether it is new software to speed up processes.

It seems that being heard is quite difficult in business. And it is certainly true that most problems and bones of contention within a business can be traced back to lack of communication – lack of understanding or lack of motivation (which are all inexorably linked).

So what is the answer?

Well – it is a big issue, and too big really for this blog. So instead here is what I am going to do.

Would you like to know the ONE thing you could do tomorrow to immediately have an impact on these problems – to immediately know how to get people to actually listen, understand and buy into what you are saying?

If the answer is yes – then this is for you.

I am putting on a FREE Solutions Masterclass next Weds 9th March at 8pm. It will be just 20 minutes long and you will come away from that session with something you can IMMEDIATELY go and implement the next day. Does that sound good?

I am keeping it brief as I don’t want to overwhelm you with lots of strategies, I am just going to share this ONE thing – which you can do straight away.

Oh – and I will leave 10 minutes at the end for any questions you might have.

Just click this link to register for the free Masterclass, that will give you an immediate Solution to not being listened to.

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Read, Write, Speak, Lead

Read, Write, Speak, Lead

Read, Write, Speak, Lead 

Do you read a lot?

If not, here’s a good reason to start. Most great leaders are readers.

It has been said that those who don’t read much, often don’t write well or have the ability to speak well either. These people often lack the communication skills that are essential to leadership and also don’t come over as knowledgeable and therefore lack the presence of a leader.

The ability to communicate – verbally, in writing and in body language is a key skill for leaders and reading widely helps communication skills in many ways.

It also helps with judgement. Really ? Yes – absolutely. Research conducted by Anne E Cunningham a visiting professor at the University of California, showed that in a study between TV watchers and readers – the readers knew more and were better able to decipher misinformation.

Being able to make a judgement about a situation – often with limited time and information – is another key skill for leaders. Readers were better able to do this.

Reading has also been shown to keep you mentally sharp as you age – so if you want to continue to be effective as a leader throughout your career – reading gets a big plus.

Reading helps us walk in another’s shoes and understand other people better, and again – whilst you COULD just watch the film – the act of reading has been shown to create new neural pathways which allow us to retain information better. Reading boosts our emotional IQ, and helps us relate better to others.

Finally – as there has been a generally downward slope in the amount of people reading – those of us who DO read regularly – a breadth of subjects, fiction and non fiction – are more likely to have those leadership skills than those who do not.

So – get reading! I would love to know what you are reading right now – please email me on julie@juliehutchison.co.uk

And remember – if you are ‘in practice’ or know someone who is and would benefit from some specific leadership training and motivation this Saturday – 30th January – email me and I will send you details of the event I am speaking at.