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Leadership Tips – The Knee Bone’s Connected To The Thigh Bone

Do you remember that old song… “The Knee Bone’s Connected To The Thigh Bone”? Well the relevance of that will become apparent in a minute – bear with me.

We talked last week about the need for leaders to leverage, to delegate, to be free from the day to day, and what happens to teams when the leader does not do the above.

But what if it all goes wrong?

What if you leave it to the team and it doesn’t happen? What if it is not as good as your work? What if they mess up?

Do you know what? It is highly likely they will – and this is why many leaders who have tried to delegate take back control. If you want to be able to do this properly and with the right results then the words of that old song are very relevant. It is all about connection, and more specifically the connection between the 4 points in my L.E.A.D process.

* Leverage

* Enable

* Assure Trust

* Develop the Mind

Now you have to work backwards with this – you can never leverage unless you have first enabled your team. You cannot enable them unless there is mutual trust and you cannot develop that trust unless you have the mindset of a Leader and are on top of the other 5 points of the Team Performance Engine.

If you can get L.E.A.D right, then you are on your way to creating the space, time and performance you want from your team / business.

If you want to find out more about the 5 essential skills that make up the Team Performance Engine then go here for some free stuff.

PS – If you missed the link last week – one of the other critical factors in being a leader is being able to speak up for your business. If you are free on the 18th March – have a look at this link to find out more about my next event on Presentation Skills.

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