Leadership Tips – What Are You Most Frightened Of?

Perhaps you don’t like Spiders? Possibly you are scared of flying. A friend of mine is terrified of needles and faints every time she has blood taken.

But actually there might be something more frightening than any of those for you. An amazing 74% of people (well American’s probably – think that’s where the survey was done) are more frightened of public speaking than ANYTHING.

Yes I mean anything. They would be less frightened about dying! How crazy is that?


Here are the top 10 fears people have:-

1. Public Speaking or Stage Fright – 19%

2. Death and End of Life – 16%

3. Spiders and other Arachnids Creatures – 13%

4. Darkness and Twilight – 12%

5. Heights, Altitudes, and Elevations – 11%

6. People and Social Situations – 10%

7. Flying in Airplanes – 7%

8. Open Spaces and Squares – 5%

9. Natural Thunder and Lightning – 4%

10. Confined Spaces and Small Rooms – 3%


Public speaking is clearly number one. Which is a shame really – for everyone – but especially if you have to speak up for your business. If you are a leader in business and can’t speak – then you are not as effective leader as you could be. There are many circumstances you may need to speak in – one to one meetings, client or supplier meetings, board meetings, team meetings, conferences, networking, speaking to the press. The list goes on.

So, let me invite you to join me next week on March the 18th at my Speak Up For Your Business Event. Here’s the link.

And in case you missed it last night – here is a link to a short masterclass about just ONE super effective technique you can implement right away, to improve your speaking. I promise you – 20 minutes of your time invested and you will walk away with a skill for life.

Here is the link to the online masterclass training

And this is just ONE of the topics you will learn about on the 18th March. So if you need to speak in your business – and you have it on your list of ‘things I would rather walk over hot coals than do’ – please come along. It will be fun I promise!

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