Where Has The Week Gone?

Oh my – someone just reminded me it was Thursday and I immediately thought – where has the week gone?  It’s because of the Bank Holiday of course – in my head it felt like Wednesday!  (and we have another on the 27th lol)

But sometimes it is not because of a Bank Holiday.

I come across many managers in business and business owners themselves, who feel like this most weeks.  Is that you? 

Out of the hundreds of clients I have helped over the years, one very common theme running through it is – I don’t have enough time. Have you experienced that?  Ever felt like there were literally, not enough hours in the day.  Ever wished you didn’t need to sleep – because then you might be able to fit it all in?  Ever felt a bit overwhelmed with your To Do list. 

Well, the usual suspects are – not delegating.  And not prioritising. 

Listen, I’m not being mean, and I’m not pointing the finger (ok maybe I am a little bit but in a supportive, let’s get you back on track kind of way).  I have been guilty of this myself in the past.  It is so easy when something comes up – as it invariably does several times a day- to just do it. 

It IS actually quicker – in THAT moment – to do it yourself IF it is something you know how to do.  But have you been guilty of tackling something new and then suddenly it’s a couple of hours later as you hadn’t realised there was a different skill or bit of information you needed?

Even if it IS something you know how to do, and even if it IS quicker to do it yourself.  You really shouldn’t make a habit of it.  Because – as you clearly know – if you take the time to prioritise and delegate – then it is MUCH quicker in the long run.

So – firstly prioritising.  When something pops up here are the 3 questions to ask yourself : –

Does this need doing? 

With the first question you need to be ruthless.  Some things just DON’T need to be done.  If you get an email and you are not sure – put it in an ‘Action Later’ folder in your email.  If it pops up again, at least you will have kept it and you will know for next time! 

Chances are though that 99.9% of stuff in that folder will never be actioned – because you don’t really need to.  That covers things like – information emails, round robin emails (where the world is copied in and everyone thinks they need to reply), surveys, and anything else which is not critical to your business or your life right now. 

Yes, there may be some interesting stuff in there – but your life will be far less stressful if you read the stuff that you are looking for – rather than the stuff you weren’t.

Does this need doing now? 

Sometimes things seem like they must be done right now.  And sometimes that IS the truth. Sometimes it is also quicker to type a one sentence reply to something, or give a team member a quick answer so they can continue to be productive, rather than scroll through your emails later wasting more time – or going back to someone who has been unable to complete a task that could have been done hours before. 

However, many times that thing does NOT need to be done right then.  If you investigate further.  The team member who asks you something because they need it to complete a task for example.  If you ask them what the deadline is on their task – you might find it is a week away.  Meanwhile the thing you are working on has a deadline of tomorrow – so which is the more urgent. 

And thirdly – does this need doing by me? 

Now here IS the biggy.  When I work with managers and business owners – I would say there that at least 50% (and I am being stingy in that estimate) of the stuff they are doing COULD be done by someone else.  Often it is up to 90%.  Now there is a caveat.  Just because something COULD be done by someone else that doesn’t mean you can always let someone else do it.

For example, it could be a task that lights you up – that you really enjoy and look forward to.  Now just because someone else COULD do it – doesn’t mean they have to.

Also it could be that right at this minute – there is no-one else capable of doing it and you literally and genuinely do not have time to train someone RIGHT NOW. 

However, if you are really really honest with yourself – most of the stuff you do COULD technically be done by someone else.  The stuff that cannot be done by anyone else is YOU showing up as the leader you are, in your business.   No-one else can be YOU – and therefore the time you spend with your team, your clients, your boss, your suppliers and the time you spend with YOU – that’s what cannot be delegated.

What do I mean by the time spent with you?  I mean creative thought time, planning time, growing your own skills and knowledge, time spent creating your vision of the future – so that your TEAM can then help you create it.

If any of the above sounds familiar – here’s something that might help.

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