Bored Meeting or Board Meeting? 

A comment we often hear about meetings is that they are boring, and that applies to Board Meetings as well.  There is nothing worse than sitting in a meeting with your mind wandering, listening to stuff that seems to have no relevance to you or your job and wishing you could be somewhere….anywhere…else.   However, its not just about boring meetings.   Boring meetings are not the worst thing you could experience.  There are far worse kinds of behaviours going on in meetings than boring agendas.

We have seen all sorts of terrible behaviours in meetings.  From conflict and arguments to power plays and politics, many meetings are very unproductive and create the opposite of what they were intended to achieve.  Many board meetings should probably BE renamed ‘bored meetings’ as they are merely rubber stamping exercises – i.e. the board turns up and votes ‘yes’ to put an official stamp onto what has already been decided by the executive.  This sort of board meeting is meaningless and makes a mockery of having non exec directors.

And unlike the title of the blog – this situation is NOT a joke, because meetings are meant to take things forward in a business, otherwise there is no point in having them.  I am sure you have sat in a meeting (maybe you even chaired it), where there is an agenda for the agenda’s sake.  Where you sit around waiting for everyone who is late to arrive before the meeting starts, where a new topic of discussion is brought up 2 minutes before the meeting is due to end and where the people who have prepared the reports for the meeting stand up and talk through their report.  And by that I mean – they read the report out word for word. What is the point of that?

Now, this is not a blog about how to run an effective meeting – for that go see our blog on how to get results from your meetings.  But the point is that good meetings require commitment.  From everyone.  If you are sitting in a meeting where you are bored, it is probably because you are not fully engaged with what’s going on – and that becomes a much bigger problem than the meeting itself.  If your team are not engaged with the vision – your vision, then it doesn’t matter how many bells and whistles you throw at your meetings – it’s all just sticky plaster.  You can hold a great meeting and everyone can enjoy it, but if they are not engaged with the bigger picture, then when they leave the room nothing different will happen.

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