In-team fighting

How To Handle In-Team Fighting

Everyone is different and believes that he/she is right during an argument, but when arguments happen between employees, things can escalate very quickly. As the leader – it often comes down to you to resolve the problem. Here’s how to handle in-team fighting:-

Be objective

If you want to be respected as a leader, you need to act objectively and deal with the facts. This is not about being popular, instead it requires you to acknowledge each person, listen well, while also making sure that you identify the right solution – the one which is best for the team and the individuals.

Be fast

Any workplace conflict can brew for days or months, hampering productivity all the while. AS a leader, it’s imperative to address things as fast as possible, and get things back on an even keel so “normal service can be resumed”. As soon as you become aware of the conflict, investigate it, talk to the individuals concerned and seek a resolution.

Be respectful

You need to hear each person’s opinion and understand why the conflict was created in the first place, and most importantly – acknowledge the feelings of each individual.

Be in charge

Once the emotions of the situation have been acknowledged, you need to uncover and deal with the facts. If this is just a disagreement, then focusing on how this is affecting the work atmosphere or productivity is the way to go – as long as you can back this up with examples. As a manager or leader, you can only deal with the facts.

If the argument or conflict is a disciplinary matter – if someone has ‘broken the rules’ in some way – the same applies. You should listen, acknowledge feelings, but then deal with the facts as far as the rule breaking, and consequences of that, are concerned.

Dealing with conflicts can be very demanding for any leader, but this is one of those situations which separates the wheat from the chaff. True leaders are not scared of dealing with conflict because they know that small things, left to fester, become big problems which are much harder to solve