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I’m Leaving You

No wait – don’t worry, I’m not leaving YOU.  I am referring to a conversation with a client this week.  He was talking about how he had lost a member of staff and was bemoaning the fact (in his opinion) that there seems to be no loyalty in business anymore.

“How do I get people to stay more than 2 minutes Julie?”, he asked.  

Well there is a trend in the ‘younger’ generations, Millenials for example, where their first loyalty is with themselves.  They are more interested in developing themselves then staying somewhere for the sake of it.  

Having said that there are some things you CAN do to encourage your staff to feel more a part of the ‘family’, more important and less likely to leave.
Watch this short video I created for you to explain exactly what you can do.

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At Transforming Performance, we believe that there are 6 crucial areas of Leadership: focus and direction, mindset, engagement, skills, impact and systems.

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Julie Hutchison is co-Director with Jan Sargent of Transforming Performance, a consultancy which provides businesses with expert support in Leadership Coaching, Team Development and Performance Coaching, Executive Coaching, Mentoring, Training and Behavioural Profiling and help in getting the best from you and your people. If you’d like to have a chat and a coffee to discuss how we can help you, we’d love to talk. Call us on:

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