Read, Write, Speak, Lead

Read, Write, Speak, Lead

Read, Write, Speak, Lead 

Do you read a lot?

If not, here’s a good reason to start. Most great leaders are readers.

It has been said that those who don’t read much, often don’t write well or have the ability to speak well either. These people often lack the communication skills that are essential to leadership and also don’t come over as knowledgeable and therefore lack the presence of a leader.

The ability to communicate – verbally, in writing and in body language is a key skill for leaders and reading widely helps communication skills in many ways.

It also helps with judgement. Really ? Yes – absolutely. Research conducted by Anne E Cunningham a visiting professor at the University of California, showed that in a study between TV watchers and readers – the readers knew more and were better able to decipher misinformation.

Being able to make a judgement about a situation – often with limited time and information – is another key skill for leaders. Readers were better able to do this.

Reading has also been shown to keep you mentally sharp as you age – so if you want to continue to be effective as a leader throughout your career – reading gets a big plus.

Reading helps us walk in another’s shoes and understand other people better, and again – whilst you COULD just watch the film – the act of reading has been shown to create new neural pathways which allow us to retain information better. Reading boosts our emotional IQ, and helps us relate better to others.

Finally – as there has been a generally downward slope in the amount of people reading – those of us who DO read regularly – a breadth of subjects, fiction and non fiction – are more likely to have those leadership skills than those who do not.

So – get reading! I would love to know what you are reading right now – please email me on

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