At Think Be Do we believe that leadership is not just a qualification but it is a product of the behaviours that we display that either help or hinder others to perform.

The impact of all of us on others is the key to a high performing team and the core of a great leader.

A positive impact will mean a much more effective and productive team who will stay loyal to the organisation they are in.  This means that you, as a leader in your business, can grow your business sustainably and profitably through developing the people within and yourself as the leader.

Your team will be enthusiastic about what the company wants to achieve and will be happy to play their part in that success. Productivity rises and, in their turn, so will profits.

About Julie

I spent 16 years in the police service as an Inspector and also have a commercial and manufacturing engineering background with Black & Decker and British Bakeries. This gives me an unusual blend of personal skills, coupled with down to earth, proactive results driven focus. I value honestly, simplicity and practicality so this is what you will get!

There is no more important place to ensure good relationships than in a high stress environment like the police and that is what led me to train as a performance coach in 2009 and additionally as a workplace mediator within the police, dealing with conflict situations within the workplace and the impact of them on individuals and teams. I then began to work with managers who were new to leadership or were struggling to have the kind of positive impact on their team they needed.  After seeing some fantastic leadership and some really dire attempts at people management I began to realise that there needed to be a more down to earth, practical approach to Leadership and performance.  This lead to the creation of the Team Performance Engine™ philosophy and approach in developing Leaders and their teams.

I have a first Class BEng Honours Degree in Manufacturing and Management, and Executive Diploma in Management which is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute.

Because of my passion for people and what makes us tick, I have developed my skills with further qualifications in NLP, Workplace Mediation, DiSC and Talent Dynamics Behavioural Profiling, along with my existing  Performance Coaching qualification.  In 2015 this led me to being awarded The Coaching Academy “Executive Coach of the Year” at The International Coaching Awards.

I am also a Speaker Coach and Mentor, having trained with the Professional Speakers Academy.


  • Simple, practical and enjoyable leadership development for real people
  • Business performance enhancement (organisational and people) for professionals and technical experts
  • The Team Performance Engine™ approach for new and developing leaders
  • One –to One Executive Coaching
  • DiSC Behavioural Profiling – providing workshops, training and practical applications within business
  • Talent Dynamics and Wealth Dynamics Behavioural  Profiling
  • Workplace Mediation and Conflict Coaching
  • Speak up and Lead Coaching Programme – Public Speaking Coaching for Business and Individuals
  • NLP Practitioner