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Conflict Resolution & Mediation

With Conflict Is Your Friend & The One-Day Conflict Resolver™ 

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  • Sometimes it just isn't right in the office

    Sometimes people just don't get on.

    Maybe it's a small issue that has grown big and got out of hand. Perhaps you have tried to resolve it yourself but it just doesn't go away.

    The trouble is, these things start to impact the whole team. Everyone feels bad and things start to get worse. 

    This means that you end up with people who don't want to be at work, are not their best at work and don't do as good a job as they could do because of it. 

    Conflict costs businesses millions every year, yet we put up with it far too easily.  When we get down to the real issues, get people talking to each other and understanding each other's point of view, we really start to break down the barriers and start to build relationships.

    We tackle this in two ways - proactive training on how to Make Conflict Your Friend™ is a hugely valuable one-day training course for your and your team, that can give the skills to your team to deal with difficult people, tackle conflict before it gets bigger and tricky to manage and how to talk to each other without creating blame. 

    And when things feel like they have got to a point of no return, then let us help resolve that with our one-day workplace mediation. 

    Workplace Mediation is a powerful tool that helps the individuals in conflict to take ownership and control of their situation and to resolve their issues with the help of a professional mediator.  

    We facilitate The One-Day Conflict Resolver™. It's a One-day Workplace Mediation where we work directly with the parties involved. 

    At the end of the mediation, we come to an agreement of how the parties can work together better, with empathy and understanding, so that they can be productive again in their roles. 

    If you have employees that are struggling to work with each other then let us know and we can see how we can help.


    How Conflict Resolution can benefit you?

  • Get rid of those problems in the team

  • Get to the real issues and resolve them for good

  • Show your staff that you care by giving them the support they need to work together as a team

  • Reduce sickness and time off

  • Remove the issues that are causing unproductive teams to affect your business

  • Create collaboration and build relationships so your team can feel happy in their work

  • Whether you have a specific issues you need resolving or you just want to develop skills of how to deal with those difficult issues, then book in a call and let's discuss.


    Developing A Leader's Mindset

    Developing the mindset of a leader will help you show up at the right level in your business.

    Thinking like a leader means that you are more strategic, conscious and collaborative and ready to create positive change


    Growing Your Impact & Influence

    Leadership is not about just gaining a qualification. It is about how you show up and the behaviours you display that either help or hinder your team

    At Think Be Do we focus on practical application of the skills you will learn so that you can implement with ease.


    Step Back & Lead

    In order to being able to step back from the weeds of the day to day workings, we need to trust our people to deliver at the levels you need. 

    Doing less and delegating more is one of the most important things that a leader can learn

    If You’re Ready to set your team on fire Call Us Today!

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    Helping CTO|CIO|CDO and Tech Execs to build practical communication and impact skills so that they create better teams, have more influence with their peers, their board and their staff.  Effective leadership makes effective teams, which makes bigger and better business.

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