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  • One-to-One Executive Coaching

    Sometimes you need that extra special attention, just for you.

    If you need a confidential ear to listen and support your growth then one-to-one coaching is for you. 

    Maybe you have moved roles and want to make the best first impression or get moving as quickly as possible?

    Maybe you need to upgrade your leadership skills and need a faster, or more confidential approach?

    Whether you are investing in yourself as a senior leader, or you are an organisation who wants to support your senior leaders by investing in their success, then we can make sure your return on investment makes it a no-brainer.  

    Here are some of the main areas we work with senior execs on:

  • First 90-days in your role

  • Speaking Up as a leader

  • Being the leader

  • Confident Communication skills

  • Dealing with Difficult People

  • If you would like to discuss the options for your or one of your team then just complete the form or call us for more information.

  • Think

    Developing A Leaders Mindset

    Developing the mindset of a leader will help you show up at the right level in your business

    Thinking like a leader means that you are more strategic, conscious and collaborative and ready to create positive change


    Growing Your Influence & Impact

    Leadership is not about just gaining a qualification. It is about how you show up and the behaviours you display that either help or hinder your team

    At Think Be Do we focus on practical application of the skills you will learn so that you can implement with ease


    Step Back & Lead

    In order to being able to step back from the weeds of the day to day workings, we need to trust our people to deliver at the levels you need

    Doing less and delegating more is one of the most important things that a leader can learn

    If you’re ready to set your team on fire Call Us Today!

    Book Your Impact Game Plan

    Helping CTO|CIO|CDO and Tech Execs to build practical communication and impact skills so that they create better teams, have more influence with their peers, their board and their staff.  Effective leadership makes effective teams, which makes bigger and better business.

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