Stages of Competence

You Know Too Much!

After years of hard work and acquiring knowledge, you are now the one in charge. The Manager, the Leader, the Boss? Great, right? Of course, but as they say, ‘With great power comes great responsibility’. (I think that was Spiderman, wasn’t it!). What I mean is that you now must be that person who cannot just do it yourself, but you can step back and help others to do it instead of you. You have
Plant Grows

Small Business Grows Big

Growth is something we all want for our business, of course it is! But if we aren’t prepared for it, this dream scenario can quickly become a bit of a nightmare for you at the top of it all! Relationships in business are founded on trust. As the leader of a small business, you will have a team of people who (hopefully) you feel able to rely on. So, as you expand and take on
Grow Your Business
Working (as we do) with businesses around the £1 million mark who are wanting to grow their businesses, has proved to me time and time again that there is an easy way to grow your business and a hard way. Many businesses get to £1 million t/o a bit by accident – more luck than judgment in some cases.  They open a business in the right area, the right industry at the right time.  They
Be a Leader
Everyone has a decision to make when they walk into the office (or join the team zoom call) in the morning.   You have to decide, without getting too existential, who you are going to be today. How are you going to show up?  Most people are pretty self-aware when it comes to what they wear to work, for example, but when it comes to how they’re going to lead their team, it seems to be
Woman listening

Leadership is Listening

Leadership is Listening When you think of leadership – do you think of some confident (arrogant) person swaggering around barking orders at everyone?  Perhaps you think of someone highly intelligent who has all the answers? Or a ‘Do what I say not what I do’ type authoritarian leader? Or maybe a great orator – like Martin Luther King? None of those leadership styles are relevant in today’s world with the exception of Martin Luther King
An office party
Sadly, unless you are very lucky, everyone is going to have to work for a living. Now, work is often viewed as a necessary evil, something to endure rather than enjoy (it’s even evident in my opening line!), but this doesn’t always have to be the case. Your business doesn’t always have to be all work and no play, in fact if it is you may be missing a trick. If work is more fun,
juggling skateboarder
Being a Manager is hard! You are always getting in your own way. You see, being a business owner who wants to grow means being not only a manager but also a leader (as well as many other hats).  And that is like juggling jelly, whilst on a skateboard rolling downhill, and hosting a talk show at the same time.  Trust me – I know.  But unlike the jelly juggling skateboarder – it IS actually possible.
Team On Fire Lightbulb

Is Your Team On Fire?

Is your team on fire? You better hope they are – because it is the only way you can succeed at growing your business. But hey, maybe you don’t want to grow?  Maybe you do want to grow but you are struggling to make it happen.  What I commonly hear is that the business owner wants to grow.  They have a plan.  They are able to create a bit of momentum, and things start to
Binoculars looking at a sunset

Looking For the Good…

I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying “to know something like the back of your hand”, right? Well, recently I’m starting to think that knowing something “like the top of your shoes” might be more appropriate! There seem to be so many people just walking around looking at their feet and not stopping to see the good around them. It’s like your first time going out in new shoes. Of course, they were bought to
Team Hands
I work with a lot of businesses turning over £1 – £5 million pounds who are trying to grow and finding it a struggle.  Maybe you might also be experiencing the same – your business can’t grow! The reasons why are all too often the same one!  It isn’t their product or service.  If they have got to 1 million + turnover then clearly the core offering is fine.  Often it isn’t their marketing.  They